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Beginner slopes mid April

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Iamdadtotwo Tue 19-Feb-19 10:40:57

Do any ski experts have any ideas of best locations with the best chance of beginner slopes being open?

We can’t go until April 13th! We only want to go for a few days to allow our two to practise some skills they would ha e hopefully picked up after a few lessons in the Snowdome!!!

Many thanks for any ideas

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Dyrne Tue 19-Feb-19 10:47:22

I think it’d have to be one of the higher resorts - Val d’Isere/Zermatt etc. Otherwise you’re going to get a lot of thin snow/icy patches which is no fun to ski on at any level, let alone as a beginner!

There are a few websites out there with useful articles if you google “best late skiing resorts” or similar - here’s one that might be useful:

wobytide Tue 19-Feb-19 11:05:18

There have been a few snowheads posts in the past for similar questions e.g.

OKhitmewithit Tue 19-Feb-19 13:53:17

Val d. Beginner slopes are high

cestlavielife Tue 19-Feb-19 18:34:38

Avoriaz was fine mid April as beginner
And things to do like pool etc

rookiemere Tue 19-Feb-19 19:05:31

I was going to say Montgenevre and see it's recommended in that thread. We went at Easter last year - admittedly much earlier than this year and an epic season - snow coverage was amazing and loads of nice long easy blues and greens. Nice resort too - not huge but restaurants have the Italian influence and there is a spa you could go to as well. Open this year until 27/04

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