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Any experience of group teen freestyle classes with ESF?

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gcseoptions999 Wed 13-Feb-19 22:02:53

Does anyone have experience of specific teenage ski school with ESF? We normally use English ski schools but none are running ski schools for teens so we are considering ESF as DS doesn't want to be with younger kids. DS did the all reds last year and some blacks but wanting to do blacks but not great style so not sure if that will be acceptable especially as not been with ESF before. Also not sure if there are likely to be any English teens in these groups.

PuzzlingPuzzle Thu 14-Feb-19 02:24:52

DNephew has done the Freeski lessons with ESF. He definitely enjoyed it, he is French and had already completed the ESF gold star (gold star involves fairly steep timed giant slalom course to pass) which I think was a requirement, at least for the course he was doing. Sorry not massively helpful but hopefully it gives you some idea.

gcseoptions999 Thu 14-Feb-19 08:22:15

Thank you Puzzling I don't think he has done slaloms with English ski schools. I believe there are 2 options for teens lessons and one is called competitive so all about timing on slaloms and the other more about jumps and skills from what I can see. Could your nephew have been on the competitive one with entry to slalom races? We were not considering that one as don't want it competitive.

PuzzlingPuzzle Thu 14-Feb-19 15:15:32

It was definitely freestyle lessons with ESF as he was doing a lot of snow park and some off piste. You’re right about there being 2 options for advanced teen skiers- and my Nephew chose the Freestyle over Competition having not particularly enjoyed having to do the timed slalom for the gold star. My understanding is that ESF are fairly strict on form/technique so do expect teens to have completed the gold star (or equivalent) before they progress on to freestyle but it likely varies based on resort so giving them a call might be a good idea? My nephew LOVED it though, which made a change as the children in our family usually moan non-stop about ski school!

gcseoptions999 Thu 14-Feb-19 20:41:42

Thank you puzzling. I had called them before I posted and they were less than helpful. They said watch the videos to see the levels but whilst I can find videos of bronze, silver, gold etc I cant find ones for the teen lessons. I guess I can check if he meets gold kids level. However they made no mention of needing to be gold but in hindsight maybe that is obvious to them that you finish the kids stages then move to teens. That makes sense.

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