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French School Holidays? Too Busy 2nd/3rd March?

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wed 27-Mar-19 00:50:21

It snowed heavily too, so when the sun came out, it was wonderful!

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wed 27-Mar-19 00:49:14

We ended up in Chatel 10-17 March. Weather was mixed. Windy first day, lifts got closed after two runs. Skied 4 days out of 6, with two sunny days. No queues anywhere!

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katieviney Mon 18-Mar-19 10:30:10

The first week of March gets really busy, i would aim for the 2nd or 3rd week of March.
This year loads of people book for the first week of March thinking it will be quiet and schools are back.
It was just as busy as Feb Half term.
Hope this helps.

user1494670108 Mon 18-Mar-19 09:12:12

I went 6-10 March, it was horrendously busy, far more so than our half term

ForgivenessIsDivine Sat 23-Feb-19 09:31:27

It is very hot in the alps at the moment and no snow forecast next week so I would caution leaving it too long and if you do, choose your resort carefully.

stringbean Fri 22-Feb-19 13:41:19

Zone C is not just Paris, it also covers parts of SW France (Toulouse, Montpellier) - the French motorway system is far better than ours, so I don't think distance will deter them grin .

rookiemere Fri 22-Feb-19 08:31:40

Must depend on the location of the ski resort though. I think you would be safer with the ones nearer to Italy as its a long drive from Paris so Serre Chevalier or Montgenevre or indeed Italy itself.

stringbean Fri 22-Feb-19 08:07:10

Zone C is Paris school holidays - I would expect it to still be very busy for that reason and would personally look to go later in the month.

rookiemere Wed 13-Feb-19 17:41:44

Really depends where you go.

Montgenevre was practically empty at Easter last year and we were told that even at Feb half term it's not particularly busy, ditto have skiied at Serre Chevalier at Feb half term and it was fine, but am never going back to Samoens which is a shame as hotel was lovely.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wed 13-Feb-19 17:33:38

Seems to be Zone C holidays until 10th March. Just wondering if this will be as busy as when UK schools are off?

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wed 13-Feb-19 17:27:37

@rookiemere That happened to my friend on first run of the holiday in Chamonix! Was run over by a snowboarder and she was really badly bruised and confidence totally lost. Some nutters out there!

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rookiemere Wed 13-Feb-19 17:22:12

I think it's still school holidays the following week ( French holidays are staggered according to district). Where are you thinking of going - avoid Samoens then as it was a total overrun nightmare when we went and some French idiot skiied right into me causing my back to seize up and stopping my skiing for the rest of the trip.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wed 13-Feb-19 17:19:16

We are planning a ski trip early March. The flights are cheap departing 2nd/3rd March, but still seems to be French school holidays.

Should we defer to following week? We are flexible on dates and want to avoid too busy slopes if possible.

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