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Val Thorens lift passes

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Saisong Mon 11-Feb-19 13:51:44

Have booked a late deal in Val Thorens going 13th April - have never skied at Easter before, but am reassured ValT is about as snow sure as you can get. I'm undecided on lift passes though, whether to get local pass or 3 valleys. Kids will be in ski school every am until 12, they are confident on blue runs, hopefully able on reds by the end of the week. Me and DH on snowboards would normally be all over the 3 valleys, but with the kids in tow? Plus a friend just told me when they went they barely got over to Meribel due to high winds on the ridge. I'm worried about the amount of snow that will be around lower down too.

So experienced ValT goers - is there enough local territory too keep us all entertained or shall we stump up the extra £100 for the bigger area?

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Saisong Sun 24-Feb-19 09:00:19

Bumping this in hopes someone might have the knowledge!

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PuzzlingPuzzle Sun 24-Feb-19 14:46:59

I’ve been at Easter. Although it was a much earlier Easter than this year. I agree you’ll probably not want to ski a slush fest to meribel village at 1450m but there will be loads of high runs above meribel and Courchevel that if you’re fairly speedy boarders and can manage a good distance pre ski school pick-up I think it would be a shame to miss by restricting yourself to Val-T. Personally I’d get the 3 valleys area pass. But if you’re not sure maybe hold off buying until you’re in resort and have a chat to the locals/seasonaires as your hotel or ski rental shop, get the latest on where the good snow is and make your decision then?

CruCru Mon 25-Feb-19 13:07:46

I would get the 3 Vallées ski pass. There’s a family deal where two adults get their passes for the same price as the children (still EUR 230 for six days though).

Onatreebyariver Sat 02-Mar-19 06:59:56

I’d stick to the local lift pass. The children will be tired from ski school and there are masses of blues and reds in the local area. Don’t forget Orelle is included in the pass so definitely pop there with the kids.

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