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Scotland and Ben Nevis skiing?

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megletthesecond Mon 11-Feb-19 10:38:45

Had anyone skied in Scotland?

I understand that there are slopes around Ben Nevis and not too far from Fort William. The dc's are also fascinated by the indoor ice climbing centre 🙄.

We're active but haven't skied before. DS has food allergies so I don't want to take him abroad. We could fly to Scotland, hire a car and ski for 3 days or so.

massistar Mon 11-Feb-19 13:46:24

I learned to snowboard in Scotland. If the conditions are right it can be amazing. Glenshee and Nevis range have some great slopes. But, and it's a big but, you can't guarantee snow. And when the conditions aren't good, it's awful.. think winds, sleet, ice, rocks and grassy patches.

The infrastructure isn't great either.. lots of button tows and t-bars. If you're not hardy it could put you off skiing for life.

madeyemoodysmum Mon 11-Feb-19 13:51:09

Never but I’ve considered it when we can’t afford abroad

My dd has nut allergy and we have skied in Austria Slovenia with our issue.

Is yr ds allergy very severe?

Veterinari Mon 11-Feb-19 16:03:54

Skiing in Scotland can be glorious but you need good snowfall and low winds. Snow has been pretty poor this year but Nevis range is open and the instructors are good. It’s a nice place to learn

megletthesecond Mon 11-Feb-19 17:47:35

yy made he has an epi-pen. My nerves couldn't take a language barrier and food allergies. I'm a LP too so I want to make it easy.

It sounds like Scotland has to be booked once winter is looking good.

madeyemoodysmum Mon 11-Feb-19 19:21:35

Well if your feeling up to it nearly every Slovenian I’ve met over 5 different holidays speak excellent English Kranska Gora is a great beginner resort. I’ve felt a lot more comfortable there with my dd eating out than anywhere else in Europe.

The hospitals are also excellent as I’ve had two visits a child with tonsillitis and a mum with a broken ankle.

But enjoy what ever you do.

Graffitiqueen Wed 13-Feb-19 20:37:18

Both my DS and DD have severe food allergies and carry epipens. We ski abroad every year with no issue. We’ve been self catering and with crystal, snowbizz and Esprit.

Scottish skiing can be very good, however you can’t plan in advance. We generally make a decision based on the weather forecast on a Friday whether to go. Any sign of high winds or rain and it’s a definite no no as skiing in Scotland can be utterly miserable.

OKhitmewithit Wed 13-Feb-19 22:37:00

We’ve taken someone with life threatening allergies by using Esprit and Mark Warner. They are very little Britain (but a bit pricey) so you do know they take allergies seriously.

Tealfrog Wed 13-Feb-19 22:39:33

Have you considered Norway? Quiet , good facilities, good English.

Whereareyouspot Wed 13-Feb-19 22:42:53

Been three times around new year
Never actually managed to ski as either not enough snow, too windy or just horrible weather in general

It’s really only much good for local a who can go on a whim when the conditions are good
If you need to fly there and some Degree of forward planning it’s not ideal

The good bit is that even if you go to ski and you can ski the local area is stunningly beautiful so lovely hikes to do instead

Whereareyouspot Wed 13-Feb-19 22:43:16

Even if you go to ski and you CANT ski that was meant to read

megletthesecond Thu 14-Feb-19 07:12:18

Thanks where.

Montgomerystubercles Thu 14-Feb-19 08:29:12

I've skied in Scotland and had some of my favourite days skiing but as others have said, it's a bit hit or miss.
We have driven to the French Pyrenees for a few years (ferry to Bilbao) and self catered which could make things easier allergies wise.

Home77 Thu 14-Feb-19 09:36:37

We booked a cottage one year near Fort William and Nevis range, took the Gondola up - children loved it great snow...for one day and then the rest of the week the weather changed and it was all closed due to wind and rain! It was good while it lasted though.

Maybe best if you can go last minute when the snow looks good. But it seems to change quite quickly. Beautiful scenery in the area also.

ZigZagZombie Thu 14-Feb-19 09:41:01

There was snow on the hills by Glenshee yesterday morning... although frankly who knows by now!? Glenshee probably easier to get to than the Nevis Range depending on where you are of course.

I love skiing in Norway, but it is bank-breaking!

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