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Complete beginners. Learn on dry slopes first?

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highheelsandbobblehats Sat 09-Feb-19 12:41:23


We've booked our first ski holiday for February half term next year. Family consists of husband, me and our two children who will be 6 and 8 when we go. None of us shave so much as touched a pair of skis before. Is it worth us having lessons before we go or just waiting and learning when we're there? I've heard there's differences between dry and the real thing which can make it trickier. We have a dry slope about an hour away, but no snow domes anywhere near us.

Happy to be told otherwise and all advice very much appreciated.


UniversallyUnchallenged Sat 09-Feb-19 12:42:24

Watching with interest

rookiemere Sun 10-Feb-19 08:41:43

If the dry slope was nearer I'd say get lessons but an hour each way is a lot. I wouldn't bother as often it's cheaper to book absolute beginners package when you go. I presume you've picked a resort that's good for beginners?

If you're going to France I'd avoid ESF ( standard french ski school) for lessons especially the DCs as they have big classes and don't do well with young DCs. If you can find an English speaking school that would be better- not heard any issues with other countries though.

notsurewhatshappening Sun 10-Feb-19 08:47:53

I'm a black run skier. Definitely book lessons first- otherwise you'll feel frustrated. The early stages of learning are quite boring and tiresome. Also, skiing on snow is much easier than on a dry slope, so if you can do linked snow plough turns on a dry slope when you arrive on holiday you'll quickly progress if you have a couple more lessons on the snow. Enjoy- I'm very jealous as I'm unable to ski at the moment due to a chronic health condition. I used to race regularly and miss it terribly. Have a great time!

highheelsandbobblehats Sun 10-Feb-19 10:00:47

Yes, we've had a resort in Austria recommended to us as being excellent for beginners and families and I've already been in touch with the ski school, who look excellent.

There's two near us. One offers a full day 'learn to ski in a day' package for adults for £75 in low season (from 1st April for them). 6 hours and it includes tea/coffee/lunch/equipment. Thought it sounded like a potential option for us adults if the grandparents can have the children for the day. Children's lessons for my children's ages are £22 each in low season for an hours lesson. Could we get away with going every other weekend? I've got no issue with the two hour round trip. We'd probably combine it with getting lunch somewhere nearby too.

highheelsandbobblehats Sun 10-Feb-19 10:18:50

The same ski school offers a holiday club. Three days, 10-1, £90 per child. Lunch not included (fine as with a 1pm finish, they can have a packed lunch in the car), all equipment is included. Essentially £10per hour. This sounds pretty reasonable to me!

rookiemere Sun 10-Feb-19 10:19:23

Every other weekend is fine as is the learn in a day. All good options if you're happy with the trip and there is an advantage in being comfortable with the equipment before you go.

My only concern would be that lessons tend to bunch up nicely into those who are complete beginners and those who've been for a week before. I'd say DCs will be fine with fortnightly lessons but adults might wish to do a bit more practice after the one day intensive.

highheelsandbobblehats Sun 10-Feb-19 11:13:15

Fab, thanks. All great to know. I'd be inclined to get some practice in after the learn in the day. Hoping I'll have lots of enthusiasm for it so will want to do it as often as I can

applegate79 Sun 10-Feb-19 17:36:19

Hi, we’re currently on our first ski holiday as a family. The dc 8 and 12 had never skied, I’d done a week 20 years ago and my husband several weeks as a teenager.
I’d definitely recommend lessons, we had 4 hours spread over a month at a dry slope and it was great. The kids learnt to put their boots on, use the lifts, snowplough and grasp the basics. My husband and I got past our rustiness! It’s made a massive difference to us as I wanted us all to be able to really progress through the week rather than coming away with just the basics. Day 3 today and we’re all (after ski school this morning) doing reds, so it’s a definite yes it’s worth it from me.

highheelsandbobblehats Sun 10-Feb-19 19:07:48

That is fantastic to hear. I'm pretty convinced that some practice ahead of time is the way to go. We've got a year until our trip, so plenty of time for us to get some practice in.

We've got the fantastic looking one an hour from us, and my dad lives an hour from Chill Factore in Manchester, so we might do a day there too once we're proficient when we go to stay.

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