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Anybody been skiing to Puy St Vincent with Snowbizz?

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NorwichRose Wed 06-Feb-19 20:23:01

Hi, we’re planning to go skiing for the first time next year, preferably Easter time or if not then Feb half-term. We are 2 adults and 2 children, aged 4 & 6. Has anybody used Snowbizz? Their packages look good and reasonably priced too. Can anybody recommend Puy St Vincent for a family of first time skiers? Bit worried that there won’t be much snow there at Easter.

Other options are Obergurgl - have looked into booking accommodation, ski school etc. separately there but not sure this is a good idea when just starting out!

Any advice would be really appreciated 😄⛷🎿 Thanks!

Graffitiqueen Wed 06-Feb-19 21:49:00

We had a great time with Snowbizz in Puy. Not sure hi I would book at Easter as not snow sure enough for my liking.

citykat Thu 07-Feb-19 09:27:00

I have. It was great for first timers. We went at Easter but the week before main school holidays. Depends when Easter falls I guess. It's not a pretty place (few of the French resorts are) but it is very convenient. We didn't use the childcare but only because ours were of an age where we didn't need it. As a small compact place to get used to skiing I would say it's good.
Obergurgl has a lot more skiing, is more attractive but won't be as easy. There can be a lot of faffing about on ski holidays which is not fun and is tiring and PSV minimises this.

CannyLad Thu 07-Feb-19 09:32:29

I've been late season but not with a company, had family friends in the area. It's lovely gentle slopes as I recall, good for beginners. The ecrin is further south than a lot of the ski areas so I'd be wary about going too late in the season in case it's a warm year and limited snow. I think you can get a lift pass that allows use of other bigger areas though.

User5436477 Thu 07-Feb-19 22:49:09

We’ve been twice to Puy with Snowbizz. It’s perfect for beginners.
The resort is compact and ski in/out and it’s quieter than a lot of other French resorts. It’s not the prettiest resort and the accommodation is basic but it’s very good value. We don’t usually go back to the same places but we went to Puy twice in a row because the Snowbizz - ski school/nursery worked so well for our little boy when he was started to ski. Also I liked how easy they made it for families and you can eat with your kids, unlike Esprit, Ski Famille, etc.

taybert Sun 10-Feb-19 15:55:51

It’s perfect for beginners though I’ve never been at Easter. It has lots of nice wide runs and the size of the resort along with the snowbizz childcare takes a lot of the hassle out of skiing. The accommodation is basic but fine. When people say it isn’t “pretty”, I’d agree that the main buildings in 1600 are pretty ugly but the views over the valley and towards Italy and the southern alps are spectacular. Most french ski resorts have questionable architecture, Puy is no worse than most.

coffeeagogo Tue 05-Mar-19 13:10:12

I’ve been twice with snowbizz wen the kids were little-er
- lovely staff, were Brillant with the kids Did loads of activities - mine hardly wanted to leave the childcare as they had such fun
- the lifts are on your doorstep, so easy to get to lessons, find each other, get some lunch
- they make it easy for you organising the lessons / skis etc especially if you are a first timer and you don’t have a clue
- been twice at Christmas and the snow was just crap - barely there and super icy, snow making was limited
- small resort so limited runs (especially when limited snow) so can be very busy on the pistes
- more of a skiing resort (according to DH) not sure what that means as I am a beginner

accommodation In the tradition of ski resorts was very very basic and there isn’t much to do if you can’t ski/board ( I had a sick child one year and it was pretty hard going as the WiFi was also pants)

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