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Packing for kids

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OrangeSunset Sat 02-Feb-19 08:03:20

First ski trip for us as a family this year. Having spent the day sledging yesterday, the kids kit is soaked.

How many sets of outers and base layers - and gloves - do people generally take for DC? So used to packing hand luggage that already the pile of stuff we're accumulating is enormous! However I'm assuming DC are likely to fall over a fair bit whilst starting out and end up soggy.

User5436477 Sat 02-Feb-19 09:38:36

How old are the kids and when are you going?

I have about 5x top base layer, 2x bottom base, 3x midlayers, 3x gloves, 2x ski pants, 6x socks and 1 jacket for my 6 yo. He could get by on less clothes tbh but they don’t take up much room. You won’t need the midlayers in spring. I also take goggles and sunglasses. Goggles are easier as they strap onto kids’ helmets but he refuses to wear the goggles if it’s too hot.

We take 2 very big, very heavy cases for a family of 3 but we have boots, helmets etc in them.

Buttercupsandaisies Sat 02-Feb-19 10:10:40

Even as beginners my kids only had one set of outer layers and gloves. They by nature should be waterproof so shouldn’t be getting soaked at all? I can g outside and handle snow - make snow balls etc and they wouldn’t even be wet! Are you sure they’re actually waterproof?

Baselayers - I take a top for each day, 2-3 bottoms

3 mid layer fleeces

xyzandabc Sat 02-Feb-19 10:15:29

1 X sallopettes, 1 X jacket, 1 X gloves, 1 X hat (not for skiing, then they wear a helmet), 1 X neck gaiters, 3 X thermal leggings, 3/4 thermal tops, 2 X thin fleece, 3 X pairs ski socks, 1 X goggles.

This is assuming you will be able to dry wet outer layers overnight and have access to a washing machine.

NearlySchoolTimeAgain Sat 02-Feb-19 10:18:24

The max you’d need for wetness is double if you can dry them overnight.

We bought lots of fairly cheap ski gloves and everyone uses the same gloves so they’re interchangeable. My kids are older though.

The ski lifts here are wet today but my ski trousers and coat are waterproof so I’m dry.

Dogwalks2 Sat 02-Feb-19 10:20:44

Your kids snow gear should not be wet. Look at buying good quality stuff off of eBay, other than that I use those vacuum storage bags when going skiing as the clothes aren’t heavy just bulky pack everything in suck a little air out with your vacuum then place on suitcase and such the rest of the air out.

User5436477 Sat 02-Feb-19 10:21:53

gloves get cold and if snow gets inside they will get wet inside too. We change out fir the afternoon. I have 2 pairs of gloves too. Hate having cold hands.
For very young kids, skiing all day with lots of layers and difficult to get off, accidents are quite common. I used to Do childcare in ski resort and so many little kids came in wet from ski school. My kid is 6 now and so no longer really needs 2x skipants but I’d recommend for younger kids.

ForgivenessIsDivine Sat 02-Feb-19 10:26:05

Agree with those who say you should have gloves (first priority) that don't get wet and ideally jacket and trousers. We live in the mountains and never have more than one pair of all of those.

Wool socks as thick as you can find, glove liners, snood, two pairs of tops and bottom underlayers two things fleeces and if you have pre teens or older who sweat, you will need more top layers or you will have to wash them during the week (which is what we do! The younger ones survive with two!)

Worth looking on line and second hand or perhaps spraying your jacket and trousers with waterproofing spray. After about 3 years of constant use our trousers tend to let a bit of water in.

brizzledrizzle Sat 02-Feb-19 10:33:01

place marking as we're skiing for the first time soon.

SeaToSki Sat 02-Feb-19 12:36:08

Most ski places should have drying rooms, so soaked gear can be hung to dry overnight. Apart from that 3 base tops and bottoms, 1 sleeveless fleece top, 1 long sleeve fleece top. 3 pairs of long socks, 2 pairs of good gloves or mittens (its sods law they will loose one) 1 hat, 1 neck gaiter (if you can get one that is more balaclava style then they work the best) hand warmers and toe warmers. Ski strap, a way to attach their gloves to their coat arms, a bag of sweeties to use as bribes (not chocolate ones)

rollonoctober Sat 02-Feb-19 12:44:12

Agree with others. We went for the first time last year. Kids had one set of decent salopettes and one good quality ski jacket. Then 3 sets of base layers (tops and bottoms) and 2 mid layer fleeces. Also 3x gloves, mainly because kids tend to put them down/drag them in snow when they take them off so the insides get wet far more than an adults would.

We all travelled in our ski jackets to keep packing to a minimum. And the kids lived in their base layers and a onesie in the chalet. We took one set of clothes for travelling and one extra set for chalet staff's night off when we had to go out to eat. Same for us. You can pack much lighter than you think! We packed all our stuff in 2 x cases - that's for me, Dh and 3 Dc (one a non-skiing toddler who needed more clothes, plus nappies/wipes) and our ski helmets.

rollonoctober Sat 02-Feb-19 12:47:01

Oh yes forgot, 3x ski socks, a neck warmer and hat (for when not skiing so in helmet!)

Also, worth packing the little packs of haribo or the moam joystix or the like - easy to stick in kids pockets so they can get a quick sugar hit while on ski lifts etc to keep them going!

Dangerousplan Sat 02-Feb-19 20:30:48

Good quality jacket and salopettes.
Buffs x 2
Socks x2
Thermal base layers X2
Gloves x3
Mini rucksacks water bottles and sweets

Other stuff for apres ski.

Hire our helmets boots and skis

We pack light!

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