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applegate79 Fri 25-Jan-19 11:03:34

Hi all,
We’re skiing for the first time at half term and I wondered whether anyone had a packing list. Myself, she’s and 3 dc.
I’ve trawled through threads and can see lots of recommendations but I cheekily wonder if anyone has a whole saved list they would share?

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BonfiresOfInsanity Sun 03-Feb-19 08:14:44

I don’t ski but my DS is going with the school and they have sent the attached list (plus normal clothes stuff obviously!). This is for skiing in the Rockies in Canada which gets very cold so is probably more than perhaps needed in Europe.

SexNotJenga Thu 07-Feb-19 17:19:42

Lip balm
Either tops with a balaclava-type bit or a snood

Dunno where you're going, but if it's anything like Bulgaria then you won't need any jumpers for apres ski - every building here seems to be heated to 25 - 30 degrees and thick jumpers are completely unnecessary. We're sleeping minus pyjamas and having to open windows to be comfortable hmm

I've only been skiing 3 times, so very much a Johnny - come - lately, but the main thing I find is that I always overpack. Each year I bring less stuff.

If you have merino baselayers, for example, (in my case bought v cheap in the mountain warehouse sale and still going strong) you can easily get three days wear out of each one.

Coats - I just wear my ski jacket. One fleece for a mid layer has been fine.

I do bring 2 pairs of knickers per day though. I'm not completely gross.

Ski goggles - you will need these. They're next on my list of Things to Upgrade. Snow can have some weird visual effects. Yellow lenses work best for overcast days.

What else.... Ear plugs in case your sleep is disturbed by other guests. You might want to bring your own tea bags. Have a look on Facebook and see if there's a group dedicated to your resort and get a feel for the local gossip in advance.

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