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When to book for winter 2019/20 and first time recommendations

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applespearsbears Tue 22-Jan-19 19:01:44

I'd like to take us on our first skiing holiday this winter. We will have completed a few days on an indoor slope before going but will be beginners. I have never booked a skiing holiday so can anyone tell me:

Is it essential to book very early? Like now? They seem to sell out quickly.
I'd like to travel via train so am looking at France or Maybe Austria

We don't have a huge budget (approx 3k for two adults one child) will need beginners friendly slopes and lessons

Would prefer AI so I can actually relax so am looking at Club Med - good or bad?

Really any recommendations gratefully received!

Taintedlady123 Wed 23-Jan-19 11:53:10

What time of year are you thinking about? Generally New Years week and Feb half term are VERY popular so book as early as possible. If you can travel at any other time I would recommend leaving it as late as possible to get the deals and can go where the best conditions are.

Taintedlady123 Wed 23-Jan-19 11:54:35

Also, Christmas week and Easter hols are popular too, but not as busy or as expensive as New Years or feb half term.

OKhitmewithit Wed 23-Jan-19 17:41:39

Club Med is already taking bookings!

Buttercupsandaisies Wed 23-Jan-19 18:15:49

If booking independently book flights feb March for following year. We got out feb half term flights for £60 return po

Buttercupsandaisies Wed 23-Jan-19 18:15:59

Per person

applespearsbears Wed 23-Jan-19 19:22:40

I was definitely thinking Christmas/NY break, Feb at a push and definitely by train.

Buttercupsandaisies Wed 23-Jan-19 19:30:12

Christmas and new year is often freezing and often poor snow (sometimes no snow!) so make sure you research!

OKhitmewithit Wed 23-Jan-19 19:56:39

Go high. If you want Club Med Cervinia is a good bet. High and AI, it’s expensive although Cerv is cheaper than most. 15% of right now

applespearsbears Wed 23-Jan-19 20:23:18

Oh ok thanks!

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