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Morning Lessons full

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DustyOwl Mon 21-Jan-19 10:21:11

Just as the title suggests really. Booked a last min holiday at last (haven't taken the kids before.) I knew I would be pushing it but tried to book lessons for the boys and there are only afternoon lessons left. As a kid we definitely had a schedule. Always lessons first then afternoon to chill, please tell me it will be ok!!!

Already nervous about the whole thing but now totally worried about how that will fit our day. I am totally aware this is a first world problem it's just we have finally saved enough money to go and we are trying to make it great for the kids!

wobytide Mon 21-Jan-19 11:24:57

Never had morning lessons ourselves and always done afternoons. No need to be racing out of bed to get breakfast. No big queues on the first lifts up to the mountains. Leisurely morning at your own pace, lunch then the lessons before chilling out at the end of the day. Then the following morning can follow the routes you did in the lessons the previous afternoon for a second go ahead of your next lessons

massistar Mon 21-Jan-19 11:59:38

We did afternoon lessons this year for first time and it didn't really work for us. Mainly because we're a first lift up kind of family anyway so by time kids got to lessons at 2 they were knackered! I also felt like we were tied to getting back for that time.

But if you do it more as PP suggested I'm sure it'll be fine!

AnchorDownDeepBreath Mon 21-Jan-19 12:00:56

We always did mornings; we were tired by the afternoon and the trainers seemed more tired too.

Have you already paid? Any chance there's an independent school with morning availability around?

juneau Mon 21-Jan-19 12:02:05

Depends what kind of family you are. If you're all early birds then trying to kill time all morning might not work for you, but if you find it tough getting everyone up, dressed, breakfasted and at ski school with all the kit for 9am you might find that afternoon lessons are a blessed relief!

For future reference, if you go to Austria, it's a) generally cheaper and b) lessons are both a morning and an afternoon session. But if you want to go in Feb half-term you need to book EVERYTHING months ahead as it is the busiest week of the entire ski season!

DustyOwl Mon 21-Jan-19 14:06:03

Silly isn't it! Been going for years without kids so lessons not a problem and when we were kids I think we booked stuff when we got there (before the internet I guess.) We are definitely early birds/first lift people and have always done it that way but the great thing is that the group is 5 adults and 2 children so we can take it in turns to get up and get the first lifts, a bit of skiing as a group and being the ones that take the kids to lessons (what would we do without grandparents!)

Taking children is definitely a learning curve and I realise how easy Mum and Dad made it look.

backinthebox Mon 21-Jan-19 14:45:11

We booked a private instructor for ours last year. It wasn't much more for a 2hr session for the 3 of them than it would have been to put them in ski school. We just turned up at the ski school on our first day and asked what they had available. We did it because we didn't want to have the kids in ski school all day (Austria) as we like to ski with them in the afternoon. The ski school had loads of instructors available for the 9-11am slot as most people wanted a slightly later start. This was in a non-english resort during half term, but it was also Fasching as well so a busy week. The risk factor with taking this approach is that if there are no ski instructors at all in the whole resort you will be stuck with your kids all day. This could be a blessing I suppose, depending on the age of the kids!

LakeFlyPie Mon 21-Jan-19 16:24:24

We went for a private instructor over ski school for our 2 DS for the 1st couple of seasons we skied as a family. 4 days of 3 hours private instruction wasn't that much more than 5 days group lessons. They made great progress and we could specify lesson times. Look into your options in resort.

DustyOwl Mon 21-Jan-19 18:18:53

Thank you, some very useful information, will definitely look at our options smile

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