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Skiing Lake Tahoe

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Verybadcat Wed 22-Aug-18 22:13:38

Does anyone know Lake Tahoe well and could recommend which resort(s) would be best? We’ll be going first 2 weeks of April 2 adults and 1 8 year old. We’ll have about 10 days but won’t ski every day.
7 yo is a good skier but will go into ski school at least 1 day. So we want to stay somewhere very family friendly with a good ski school. It would be good to try 2 or more areas while we are there. Lift passes and rental seems very expensive. Is it worth staying in local towns and driving in or is it worth paying extra for accommodation within ski resorts?
We’ve never skied outside of Europe and it all seems to work very differently confused

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bert3400 Wed 22-Aug-18 22:18:13

We went to Tahoe a few years ago , great skiing but boring as hell in the evening. the Americans eat dinner at 5.30om and are tucked up in bed by 8pm ... honestly it was dead in the evenings . If you are happy with that then you may like it. I would look at whistler in Canada if you want North America ...might be a bit more excitement

Verybadcat Wed 22-Aug-18 22:19:54

Thanks but it has to be Lake Tahoe.

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ItsJustTheOneSwanActually Mon 10-Sep-18 17:24:02

We stayed in South Lake Tahoe and drove to diff ski resorts every day. Ski passes are more in north America than Europe.

Was a while ago now but I don't remember it being dead - all the casinos have bars and restaurants. Also plenty dotted about in town.

Mind you, I quite like an early night when skiing as we're knackered lol

SkiGirl007 Mon 10-Sep-18 21:31:12

Ski independence based in Edinburgh were really helpful a few years back when we booked a self drive, rental house for extended family ski hols at Lake Tahoe. I can’t remember where we stayed now but it was ok driving upto the ski hill each day seemed more the norm in USA.

PestoSurfissimos Tue 16-Oct-18 18:38:09

We stayed in South Lake Tahoe too & also drove to the other resorts on the lift pass. Also, worth doing was the paddle steamer over to Squaw.

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