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ESF Les Saturnins nursery - Meribel

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kiwiblue Sat 18-Aug-18 11:58:04

We are going skiing in February next year, staying in Meribel Mottaret. It will be our first ski trip with DS who will be nearly 2 then.

We're deciding between a private nanny or the ESF Les Saturnins nursery in Meribel to look after DS while we ski. It seems the nursery has a good reputation but I haven't found any detailed feedback on it- I just found a very old thread on here (from 2003) where someone was saying they put their 2 year old in there and he was very happy. Just wondering if anyone has used it and knows what it's like? DS goes to nursery but I'm unsure about putting him in an unfamiliar nursery in a new place. Any experiences or thoughts welcome! Thank you smile

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Shutupsidney Tue 21-Aug-18 19:28:46

I'd get a private English speaking nanny. If they don't speak English, that's a tough gig and would ruin your holiday if he screamed after day 1.

kiwiblue Tue 21-Aug-18 21:15:47

Thanks shutup - we're definitely leaning that way! I think we will do that, thanks smile

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Shutupsidney Tue 21-Aug-18 22:00:06

We used T4 Nannies and they were excellent. Not sure if they cover there, but others will.

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