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Ski in ski out recommendations please

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user1494670108 Sun 25-Feb-18 09:07:42

We're after the holy grail next year please. Even when we stay close it's always a trauma getting to and from the first lift. Kiya now able to get down blues very competently.
We're even wondering Abbott a flat although we usually go for a chalet. France or maybe Austria?

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User14567891 Sun 25-Feb-18 15:08:25

What’s your budget and what time of year are you going? Some accommodation is no longer ski in/out by Easter.
Have you looked at Avoriaz? Most accommodation there is ski in and out - mostly apartments, from budget to luxury.

user1486076969 Sun 25-Feb-18 16:47:46

Obergurgl or Obertauern (Austria)

user1494670108 Sun 25-Feb-18 19:51:03

Sorry forgot to mention time, it will be Feb half term.
I know Avoriaz from skiing there from Morzine, all suggestions welcome thanks

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RemoteControlledChaos Sun 25-Feb-18 19:57:07

Some villages in La Plagne are (and it happens to be my all-time favourite resort): Esprit in Belle Plagne and certain catered chalets in La Forêt (Plagne Centre), Plagne Soleil & Plagne Villages. Brilliant off-piste, lots of blues and decent, good value on-piste restaurants.

Nightmanagerfan Sun 25-Feb-18 20:02:38

Totem Hotel in Flaine is amazing and right by the lift

MrsJoshDun Sun 25-Feb-18 20:04:30

Esprit at La Rosiere....dunno how small your kids are and if Esprit appeals? Also their chalet in Courchevel.

FlippingFoal Sun 25-Feb-18 20:08:03

Borovets and Bansko in Bulgaria both have some fantastic doorstep skiing. The two areas are slightly different depending on what you are after.

This is an example of the type of skiing

FlippingFoal Sun 25-Feb-18 20:08:15

Oh and it's CHEAP

FlippingFoal Sun 25-Feb-18 20:09:13

An article comparing the two

bestbefore Sun 25-Feb-18 20:11:25

Terra Nova in la plagne, with crystal ski. Can ski from boot room to a choice of lifts and ski back down to the door end of the day

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sun 25-Feb-18 21:25:26

Val Thorens is built to ski in/out of the whole resort.

Skilover Mon 26-Feb-18 14:06:15

Arc 1950 in Les Arcs. Piste runs through the middle of the village so all buildings have amazing ski access.

user1486076969 Mon 26-Feb-18 19:29:46

Not sure why but I assumed we were talking about Easter, I think I mixed up another post blush. Now I know it's Feb I suggest (from personal experience, albeit a few years ago!) Hinterglemm. We stayed here. Alternative next door here. Both are ski in/ski out and right next to ski school.

dantdmistedious Mon 26-Feb-18 19:32:49

I've been to Bansko. It was dreadful I really wouldn't recommend unless you're on a shoestring of a budget.

CruCru Tue 27-Feb-18 18:01:31

Places I've stayed with ski in - ski out are Val Thorens, Verbier and La Plagne. Cormayeur had a lift from the town to the mountain where you could store your boots and skis at a place on the mountain so you didn't have to schlep them home.

Last week we stayed at a chalet with a shuttle service so they would drop us at the lifts and bring us back to the chalet.

StinkPickle Thu 08-Mar-18 13:47:26

Val thorens has mostly ski in ski out accommodation.

Aurea Thu 08-Mar-18 14:01:52

Les Gets in France is very child friendly and full of blue runs. The resort is quite low though, so the conditions are more variable. Only an hour transfer from Geneva. We've been multiple times.

drspouse Thu 08-Mar-18 14:04:53

St Anton with Esprit is right by the lift/ski garden.

memyselfandmoi Mon 12-Mar-18 17:43:12

Les Gets is super easy to get around, almost everything is in the centre and 10 minutes walk from the lifts. I went there 7 years ago on holiday and now I live there, it's THAT good smile

maryfrommaryville Mon 12-Mar-18 18:57:49

There's a ton of great options in New England.

Flomper Sat 24-Mar-18 09:39:07

I came on to say Arcs1950 too (also Arcs 2000 really). Whatsbwrong with Bankso people that have been? Were thinking of trying it next year as sick of paying 6/7K for a week at half term in France. Would Inhate it is I normally go to Les Arcs etc

allthgoodusernamesaretaken Tue 17-Apr-18 09:31:57

La Plagne


HoneyBee1973 Thu 19-Apr-18 12:48:33

Avoriaz is definitely the easiest ski in & out we have been to. There is a new hotel opening for the 2018/2019 season right beside the ski school will literally open onto the slopes. Couldn't be closer.

Try the Pierre et vacances website, it has tons of avoriaz listings with lots of budgets.

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