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Easter skiing help

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monkey42 Sat 17-Feb-18 20:23:29

Hi, for weeks/months I have been checking out our first family ski trip to see if we like it. DH, DS1 and DS2, 14 and 11, haven't skied before but I have.
Having got over the fact that the prices are beyond ridiculous, the reason for not booking so far, I am now paralysed with fear at the prospect of no snow
If we go with the package groups we have to leave march 31 for one week.
Which of myaerhofen, morzine and ortisei would be best? Feel free to choose none of the above oh wise ones...
Thank you!

Todayissunny Sat 17-Feb-18 20:27:48

I don't know how high the resorts are that you are suggesting but we are going around easter (village at 1200m) and I am very confident the snow will not be a problem. There has been loads of snow this year. Next week is going to be cold in the also again.

LIZS Sat 17-Feb-18 20:31:17

Those are all relatively low resorts. Choose somewhere with easy access to glacier as even the current snow depth could deteriorate with a warm March.

BoobyNooby Sat 17-Feb-18 20:32:39

You need to go high. Try Val Thorens.

monkey42 Sat 17-Feb-18 20:40:44

Thank you all. They were recommended by travel agents including ski experts but then when you consult the web a different picture emerges's too much money to have no snow!!

Workerbe Sat 17-Feb-18 20:41:51

I've been to Val Thorens 3 times- twice in March and once in Feb.
March was fab- loads of snow, every run open, temp went down to -10 in the evening but sun burning hot in the day so we were eating lunch in t shirts.
February was bloody freezing, twice the lifts shut due to high winds, we had 3 feet of snow dumped in 24 hours- visibility was was hard work!
Would definitely stick to March and April for this resort....

AntArcticFox Sat 17-Feb-18 20:48:22

Cervinia in Italy.

Todayissunny Sat 17-Feb-18 20:50:17

Just checking ... the Village of mayrhofen is only 630m but the skiing is much much higher. Morzine is 1000m with skiing up to 2000. Ortesei I am struggling with on my phone but the village us 1200m ... -have a look at the Piste map. I don't think any of them will be a problem at easter.

Todayissunny Sat 17-Feb-18 20:55:47

Workebe. It's unpredictable - we go to the same resort the same 2 weeks in Feb every year (in Switzerland). We have had -20 temperatures, but this year we sat outside in the sun for lunch the first week. 2nd week was too cold. We have had the best snow at easter but abandoned our trip last year because there was no snow.

lizkt Sat 17-Feb-18 20:57:35

Mayrhofen has access to Hintertux glacier I believe, which is open 365 days a year. So I'd go with that one.

EssexCat Sat 17-Feb-18 21:23:36

We've just been to katschberg in Austria and they apparently guarantee snow!

Think I read it's from snow cannons rather than natural snowfall tho. Although tbh as newish skiers I'm not quite sure what that even means!!

museumum Sat 17-Feb-18 21:32:50

Mayerhofen has access to hintertux but it’s up the valley by bus or train. Good for one day but would be a pain every day. We went in March and it was warm and slushy.

Morzine has a lift direct to Avoriaz which is pretty high so that’s a good option.

Sorry I did not know the other one.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sat 17-Feb-18 21:42:19

None of the above would be my vote.

Val Thorens
Tignes/Val D
Obergurgl (sp?)

At a push La Plagne

I say it every time on Easter ski threads. Go high or it's ice AM then slush PM

IF you are prepared to trek to the snow, lots of other places to stay and then catch lifts higher.

PickleSarnie Sat 17-Feb-18 21:45:11

We've been to La Plagne the last two Easters. Really good skiing still - obviously spring skiing. Bit icy in morning. Bit slushy in afternoon. But plenty of snow.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sat 17-Feb-18 21:46:18

Google best ski resorts Easter and I'll put big money on none of those names even feature.

monkey42 Sat 17-Feb-18 22:00:53

Thank you to all posters so far, this is really useful info
I did look at the lists published but then agents recommended others!

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sat 17-Feb-18 22:22:37

I wouldn't rely on the agents, well, as you're clearly not doing. In fairness what one person finds ok is always different to another, but if you want better conditions, go high.

StinkPickle Sun 18-Feb-18 14:08:13

Val Thorens

For the week March 31 it’ll be lovely.

giardiniera Sun 18-Feb-18 15:42:48

What dontcallmethat said. I've even had similar conditions at Val at Easter - not a vintage year like this year but only takes a couple of warm weeks.

Snowmaking is not much use if it's warm!

cestlavielife Sun 18-Feb-18 16:05:38

Easter last year morzine had zero snow but avoriaz was fine apart from sone of the runs going down .
So if you choose a lower resort like morzine you will be travelling up to the snow. As a beginner you want it near as possible...go for avoriaz itself or cervinia

Muchtoomuchtodo Mon 19-Feb-18 22:43:46

What about Tignes? Nice and high. As beginners you won't be going to the glacier but there's an amazing base at Le Lac / Val Claret level.

monkey42 Mon 19-Feb-18 23:19:39

Yes since yesterday I've been back trawling the websites for France. Now the challenge is to find something at more reasonable price end, which is aesthetically pleasing enough to DH who likes chocolate box rather than concrete block!
All suggestions welcome, many thx.

PickleSarnie Tue 20-Feb-18 09:19:01

Afraid most (if not all) of the high and snow-sure French ski resorts are pretty ugly. Other than perhaps Val D'Isere. But that's not going to be at the reasonable price end.

Austria does chocolate box a bit better but snow sure resorts tend to generally be custom built.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Tue 20-Feb-18 09:43:10

I echo Pickle

Tell your DH to look at his feet, if they're surrounded by white, that's the best view in town. You can't have it all hmm

iknowimcoming Tue 20-Feb-18 09:55:04

Try looking at Finland - more snow less queuing! grin

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