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Would you take your kids to sauze d'loux?

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Shnazzyshot Mon 05-Feb-18 07:44:30

I've managed to find a really good deal for the four of us for less than £4K. All the things I've been reading describe it as a party town but family friendly. The two don't really mix so I'm just wondering if it really is suitable for kids.

I'd happily go if it was just me and DH but he feels guilty about not taking the kids so I'm having a re think now.

TheSnowQueen Mon 05-Feb-18 08:11:19

Having been recently, I would say it's definitely a party resort but that bars and restaurants are fairly well defined so there are places you wouldn't take the kids but plenty of choice still for eating. Only thing that I would be mindful of is staying very centrally as it stays pretty rowdy until 4am ish some nights. So you would want to be 5 min walk away from main square / old town.

Shnazzyshot Mon 05-Feb-18 10:56:08

The hotel is near the clotes lift, is that area okay?

Thank for replying. It's good to hear from someone who's been.

TheBlowersDaughter Mon 05-Feb-18 11:01:57

We are going in April, as I find end of season a bit quieter. Also staying a little out of the main town. I think the clotes lift is quite central.

Shnazzyshot Mon 05-Feb-18 11:20:22

Are you taking kids with you?

TheSnowQueen Thu 08-Feb-18 18:41:22

The clotes lift is near one of the loudest / latest bars. It was absolutely fine 2 or 3 nights out of 7 and pretty loud until around 4am the other nights. Might be different later in the season. Would put me off if going with light sleepers maybe. Location spot on for all other ski holiday needs.

Shnazzyshot Thu 08-Feb-18 21:46:03

Thanks snow queen sounds perfect for us as I think I've convinced DH to go by ourselves. Thinking the beginning of March.

Did you enjoy sauze? I've heard that they close the lifts at the slightest hint of wind. I take it by your name that you are a regular skiier?

TheSnowQueen Sat 10-Feb-18 08:10:09

Really liked Sauze, the ski area is massive and it's way cheaper to eat and drink than in France (and there's pasta everywhere ,smile). The lift system could do with a refresh - one of the key links is a two man chair! The higher lifts were all shut due to wind the first two days we were there but that still left a handful of decent runs. We found there was lots of competition to garner the apres crowd - I liked the tapas style snacks on the bars everywhere.

CanYouHearThePeopleSing Mon 12-Feb-18 18:47:29

I LOVE Sauze - have been 3 times - once with friends, once with the same friends and kids (theirs, not ours) and once as a couple. We've always stayed at the bottom of the Clotes lift (once in the Hermitage, 2x in Stella Alpina - would go back to the latter in a shot). There is one noisy-ish bar near there, but it's never bothered us at all. The noisier bars are all further down the hill in the centre. I've read loads about it being a 'party' resort, but wouldn't have put it in that category based on our visits (10 years between first and last).
It's much better to be near Clotes than down in town - saves the walk up the hill! If you're not beginners, you can just get straight onto the lift and you're away. If you've got beginners in your group, you'll need to get the Sportinia lift, which (realistically with kids) is a trip on the ski bus, but it's a very efficient bus so that's not a bother.

Wind can be an issue, but there's plenty of skiing in Sauze itself - it's mainly the link to the rest of the Via Lattea (and Sestriere) that gets closed. We were over in Sestriere last year when the wind started to get up, so we had to get the lift back up to the top and ski down into Sauze in some pretty 'interesting' conditions, but it was all very well controlled and orderly (ie - they weren't letting you get on the lifts unless you needed to be in the other resort).

The point made upthread about the lifts being slow is definitely true. BUT - on the plus side, the queues are short. We spent much longer between runs in Alpe d'Huez, when the lifts were fast but the queues were endless.

I think it's a lovely resort, with a great ski area. The mountain restaurants and cafes are lovely (and a fraction the price of those in France), the transfer is short and the views are great. I'm pretty sure we'll go back again in the next couple of years (we would have gone there this year - with a family - but for the fact it's not really suitable for one of our party who is a very nervous beginner).

Only thing I'd say is that if your cheap deal is for the Hotel Hermitage, it's not a great hotel. We were there 2 years ago, and it was pretty run down, very basic food indeed and a bar/lounge where you didn't really want to spend any time. The rooms were basic to say the least. It was 'OK' for the price, but I'd rather have spent a bit more and had a much nicer experience.
If your deal is for Stella Alpina on the other hand, can't recommend it highly enough! Lovely rooms, friendly staff and very tasty food. And a homely lounge/bar which is very family friendly, and a lovely place to spend the evening.

Are you looking at this season? Snow has been amazing - check out - he does a snow report every friday which will give you a great feel for what it's like on the slopes.

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