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Passo Tonale ski school

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LakeFlyPie Sat 27-Jan-18 22:55:43

Does anyone have recommendation for English speaking ski school for children (age 9+7 with 2 seasons experience) in Passo Tonale?
We'll be there at Easter.

LakeFlyPie Fri 16-Mar-18 22:44:39

Hopeful bump

newmummycwharf1 Thu 14-Feb-19 23:02:18

Did you end up going to Passo Tonale at Easter? If so, what were the snow conditions like? We are looking at it for Easter next year

PestoSnowissimos Sat 16-Feb-19 12:37:41

Newmummy, we went there 3 years ago at Easter. Last week of March into the 1st week of April. There was plenty of snow, but it was porridgy in the afternoons and consequently bloody hard work on the knees.

newmummycwharf1 Sat 16-Feb-19 12:52:48

I am happy with that but my 4 year old just started skiing and loved it. May not be the best conditions for a kid then? He can do blues easily.....but on porridgy snow?

PestoSnowissimos Sat 16-Feb-19 14:09:22

To be honest, it probs wouldn’t affect children. It’s more us adults with older limbs who would struggle a bit.

LakeFlyPie Thu 21-Feb-19 21:25:38

Snow last Easter was fantastic. There was a huge dump mid week which kept conditions good until the last day when the sunshine reduced it to slush in the afternoon.
We met a family who had been there the previous year when conditions were very poor, artificial snow on piste only.

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