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Improving technique without lessons

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freshstart24 Sun 14-Jan-18 13:20:36

I'm off skiing in a couple of weeks. I originally learned to ski as a child back in the 80s. Had a v long break and have skied 3 times since.

I've had a few lessons over the last 3 years but am still struggling to master the new carving type technique. I've 3 main problems: slightly ingrained old fashioned technique, fear on steep icy slopes which makes me revert to old ways, and difficulty interpreting what ski instructors mean (they have all spoken English but not very fluently).

I ski with a big group of great fearless skiers and their advice is to be more forward (despite the fact that I feel very forward already), and to attack the mountain more. I do my best but am generally at the back nursing a fairly high level of fear!

I wondered if there are any helpful books, websites or you tube videos that I could watch which might help. I'll have a couple of lessons too but would really like to swat up beforehand.

Can anyone help?

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flashheartscanoe Thu 18-Jan-18 09:02:48

Google you tube ski lessons and youll find the ski school app. Ski school by elate media. It's brilliant.

FitBitFanClub Sun 21-Jan-18 11:11:16

Oh Lordie, "carving technique?" I've been skiing nearly 20 times and didn't know about this!

Off to google.

FitBitFanClub Sun 21-Jan-18 11:13:52

Hmm, right, I think I do this anyway.

rookiemere Wed 24-Jan-18 08:44:35

This old thread may help:

Monkeymonstermum Wed 24-Jan-18 16:13:12

I think they’re a difference between leaning your top half forward and properly leaning forward with your weight on your shins in your boots.
May be worth thinking about private lesson - esp if you can find a Brit doing them out there. We had an amazing Scot once, think it was in Tignes. He worked on the oil rigs in the summer and was a ski instructor in the winter. Really helped that we had the same first language. Couple of private lessons were amazing.
Good luck!

Tinseltower Wed 24-Jan-18 16:16:11

I agree with monkey, you can find British ski instructors in most resorts. Fluent English lessons are in a different league to ‘bend zee knees, voila!’ Style lessons.

Chickenagain Wed 07-Feb-18 12:19:27

Google Sofa Ski School DVD - Brilliant!

Mybabystolemysanity Wed 07-Feb-18 12:25:22

Practice keeping your shoulders pointing ahead of you, down the 'fall line' by skiing wide turns with your poles held at both ends in front of you. Pay attention to keeping your knees bent and your poles in front of your skis ( terrible explanation, Google goalie/dynamic position). The idea is that it helps to stop you from rolling your shoulders back through the turns which puts you off balance. There used to be excellent videos with a dishy instructor on you tubesmile

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