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Alpbach, anyone been?

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TidyBadger Sun 17-Dec-17 14:16:27

We're looking at a week in early Feb, before the half term madness. It's just the two of us, he's done 25 years of annual skiing holidays, I've done about 6 years but am very nervous.
We like smallish resorts with lots of blues. I want to have 3 mornings intermediate ski school so dh can go off and do some trickier runs and I can progress a bit (have done private lessons the last 2 years but this year fancy a group setting).
We like the look of Alpbach but don't know anyone who has been. Any advice or suggestions appreciated. smile

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flashheartscanoe Sun 17-Dec-17 21:23:11

I've been. Lovely village, great mix of charm and modern luxury. The hotels are fantastic value. You need to take a bus to the ski area, these were impossibly rammed in half term but should be fine at other times. Not many blues at all, the runs are quite tricky I thought but fine for an intermediate. I'd recommend he gets a guide and goes off piste. I had a lesson with an old instructor and he had taken a group touring the day before and was trying to persuade me to go. I think there's a real sense of out of the way country rather than large piste network. There are a few lively bars but it's not a wild apres place.

TidyBadger Mon 18-Dec-17 09:32:28

Thank you.
The piste map looks like there are lots of blues, I guess I need to rethink this one.

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LIZS Mon 18-Dec-17 09:51:24

I think it is perceived as a beginners/family resort, so not much to tax your oh if he is advanced. If snow looks good try looking at the Grossraum(?) region - Scheffau etc or Kilchberg which links to Kitzbuehel. That way you get some easy accessible skiing but there is access to more.

TidyBadger Mon 18-Dec-17 10:33:07

Thanks, dh doesn't want taxing anymore, he's happy to cruise around with me! He'll do a few tricky runs when I'm having lessons but is too creaky for off piste these days.

So a different opinion there then, family/beginners resort is a good thing.

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