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ski boots for (very) large calves

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AdaHopper Fri 15-Dec-17 18:57:26

Any experience or advice? Can I rent boots near the resort or is it safer to buy some.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sun 17-Dec-17 11:36:28

I was told many women have larger calves and they cater for that. I have bigger calves and have always been fine. I've got my own boots now but hired for many years without a problem.

HermionesRightHook Mon 18-Dec-17 13:06:46

I've got fairly chunky ones and never had a problem. Are there measurements online anywhere for major brands?

DuchessMinnie Fri 05-Jan-18 18:38:17

I have chunky calves and cankles and have struggled for years with boots digging in and having to fasten on the widest setting. I have on numerous occasions returned boots after doing a couple of runs with boots I though were ok but had me hobbling after an hour or so. Last year I invested in my own boots with inners which were heat moulded to fit me perfectly. The first time i used them it was amazing to just not think about my boots at all, they were so comfortable. Best 200 euros I've ever spent.

jellybeanteaparty Mon 08-Jan-18 22:31:11

I have used a heel lift (or folded ski socks if desperate) to lift calf out of the boots far enough for comfort as the racing boots were not a lady fit!
I invested in another more comfy less racy pair - Found a ski shop that kitted out the paralympic team who were great and seemed to understand I still wanted performance from the boots whilst retaining circulation. It was near Uxbridge - no idea if its still there.

NisekoWhistler Tue 09-Jan-18 16:22:00

Bartlett's is the name of the place you're thinning off, not sure if they're still open, have a little google.
Are you close Sevenoaks? What about trying Captains Cabin.
Or if in London try surefoot or does the resort you're going to have Surefoot, I'm a huge advocate of them.

jellybeanteaparty Sat 13-Jan-18 00:00:17

Niseko yes it was Bartletts! Have made a note of sure foot. Good to know.

olliepolly Sat 13-Jan-18 15:10:36

Surefoot transformed my experience , big fan and was worth every penny

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