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ChrissyHynde Sun 10-Dec-17 17:10:49

My DD was, a week ago, 5th in line to be offered a start date with Work-A-Season as a hotel assistant somewhere in the continent (gap year). The placement is subject to others not turning up , not paying their bond, not liking the job etc. Does anyone have any experience of how quickly these lists move? Realistically will she be offered a place before Xmas? Totally selfish but we're wanting to book a holiday for Xmas and can't move forward with this until her situation is known. Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated

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SkiGirl007 Fri 22-Dec-17 19:52:22

Never heard of work a season - just contact all the UK ski companies like skiworld, Crystal, neilson see what they have as there is always staff who drop out mid Jan. hope she has fun.

Needmoresleep Sat 30-Dec-17 07:41:57

SkiGirl, I am surprised that you have not. Work-a-season is the recruitment arm of Inghams, Ski Esprit and Total. DD worked for them last year. Relatively few operators will take people under 21 and without cookery certificates or experience, so not a bad choice.

The pattern we observed was that after the busy Christmas and NewYear weeks there was a review and a minority (we are talking about 18 year olds away from home for the first time!) who were not able to pull their weight or curb their drinking were sent home. With some reserves then coming out. DD had a ball, but it was hard work. Avoid Esprit if she can because of the need to prepare additional children's meals. It has been great preparation for University in all sorts of ways.

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