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Esprit advice

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tailsandscales Mon 27-Nov-17 13:52:36

We are going on our first holiday with Esprit in a few weeks. We are staying in La Plagne. Has anyone been here? How are the transfers? Ie is there a walk to/from coach with baggage? Do they play movies on the coach?
We’ve booked our 5 yo into Sprite Improvers. What happens if there’s no other kids the same age at the same level?
Do they have regular stops and get snacks during ski lessons or should I give him snacks to take out with him?
Any other tips? TIA

SkiYesPlease Tue 28-Nov-17 11:11:10

Hi, I've not stayed in La Plagne so can't comment on the specifics but on a usual Esprit holiday there will be no movies on the coach. We take ipad/Amazon fire/Sticker books and wrap a few tiny present for them to open on the plane/coach (think mini notepad and pencils, matchbox car, kinder egg etc) which usually keep them entertained.

On arrival at the resort Esprit staff will meet and greet then escort you to the chalet/hotel sometimes this is via mini bus, sometimes the mini bus takes the baggage and you walk the short distance and sometimes you and the luggage walk the short distance (esprit staff usual drag the cases while you try and control the kids).

With regards the lessons, give esprit a call and ask them what the ages of the other children will be in Sprite improvers. In the lessons they will have a snow ranger with them who usually take a drink and biscuit along which they can have when they have a short break. We usually put a small chocolate bar (milky way) in their ski coat pocket which can have instead if they want it and i would say this is a good call. Make sure they have a small tube of sunscreen and lipbalm in their pocket too, you can get a combi tube which is great.

I would label all clothes.Take a small drawstring bag and on the evening pack all of their smaller ski school essentials (gloves, buff, goggles etc). I think esprit give you one, I can't remember if that's just at nursery though. Mornings can be quite hectic so it's great just to pick up the bag and go.

Make sure you take a photo of your lift passes when you get them, if you then misplace them you don't have to fork out the full amount again.


VivaLeBeaver Wed 29-Nov-17 11:16:08

I've been to La Plagne with esprit.....can't remember the exact transfer time but their brochure normally says, will be about a couple of hours. I've never known movies on the bus.

There's a very short walk from the bus to the hotel but all the staff come and help carry bags. So don't worry about that.

It's a big hotel with loads of families staying I can't imagine there'll be no other kids his age in sprite improvers. But even if the other kids are 7 or whatever they all seem to get on well in the group they're in for the week. I always take a packet of kitkats or similar and stuff a kit Kat in a pocket each day as they do seem to stop for a snack. They don't get given snacks. Ask if they need a bit of money each day for a hot chocolate as they will normally stop at a piste side restaurant for a drink as well.

Take swimming stuff as it's a nice pool there.

TriGirl007 Thu 30-Nov-17 15:39:41

We take mini haribo packets as they don’t “melt /squish” like chocolate does but same principle they have a sugar hit whilst or straight after skiing.
Never thought of photographing the lift pass that’s genius will do that.
We also put piece of paper in child’s pocket with their name, age, language spoken, local address & our mobile number just in case they get lost.

tailsandscales Mon 04-Dec-17 14:18:45

Thanks for responses and tips. I’ll pack him some snacks for ski school.
Viva That’s reassuring, dragging luggage miles from the coach after a day of travelling is not fun!
I’m a little bit worried about the ski school as he’s quite a good skier but sprite improvers was highest ability class for 5yo. Surely there will be other small children too young to go into the intermediate/advanced classes??

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