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First one skier - exactly what do I need to take?

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Newhouse76 Thu 23-Nov-17 20:44:43

Thanks for everyone who responded on the previous thread about my single parent ski holiday - I have booked!

Ok so there is me and DD,13 skiing for a week.

How many base layers do we need? Also do we need fresh mid layers for each day? Finally is one ski jacket and trousers enough?

Sorry one more question grin re shoes, what sort of snow boots are needed, take it DDs Duke of Edinburgh hiking boots won't suffice?

Thank you smile

Newhouse76 Thu 23-Nov-17 20:45:16

Sorry typo - should read 'first time skier' 😳

lostpurplehoodie Thu 23-Nov-17 20:54:26

I tend to take 3 base layers for each of us - they’re merino wool so don’t get stinky, and if on the off chance they do I wash them in the chalet and dry im the bathroom. I do the same with socks because they’re wool and can be washed and dried easily if minging.

One jacket and trousers is totally enough.

DofE boots will probably be fine. You’ll not do too much schlepping around out of ski boots (you’re first holiday is exhausting) so they’ll be plenty warm enough, it’s more important that they’re waterproof anyway.

Aldi ski kit is out on Sunday and it’s very good quality and value so I’d suggest getting everything there. It sells out super fast though so get there when the shop opens.

LIZS Thu 23-Nov-17 20:57:08

Layers should do at least 2 days (air in between) and one outer layer is fine. Most resorts will clear paths and roads so walking boots should be fine. When are you going? Early January is very different conditions to Easter.

expatmigrant Thu 23-Nov-17 22:36:35

Hiking boots should be fine as often the resorts are quite well cleared of snow. A good pair of snow googles for snowy, cold days, on sunny days you can get away with sunglasses. As pp, one set of skigear and 3 sets of layers/socks. Helmets, ski boots etc you hire in resort. It also depends on where and when you're going. Canadian resorts can be very cold...Europe less so.

Newhouse76 Thu 23-Nov-17 22:46:19

Thanks everyone!

We leave on 13 December and will be in Europe. Please can i check - should we take jeans/normal clothes to get changed into for dinner (it's a small chalet hotel) or would people lounge around in base layers?? I'm a total novice as you can tell!

lostpurplehoodie Fri 24-Nov-17 06:05:59

Normal clothes for dinner. Base layers are kinda ok at breakfast (though I would wear salopettes too) and then jeans/top in the evening. It’s ok to wear pretty much the same thing all week though as it’s not smart by any stretch of the imagination.

lostpurplehoodie Fri 24-Nov-17 06:07:57

Ps where are you going? I think we’ll be in Austria for the same week, just playing chicken with the prices at the moment.

expatmigrant Fri 24-Nov-17 06:45:06

You'll have a lovely time learning to ski with your DD...just bear in mind that she might be whizzing past you on those slopes very soon. grin

PetraDelphiki Fri 24-Nov-17 06:51:40

Get silk glove liners if you can - it’s much easier to put hands back into sweaty gloves with them on, plus you don’t freeze so much when you have to take a glove off for whatever reason! Plus the best thing I have ever done was make sure all my gloves have wrist loops (sew elastic on if necessary)...

LIZS Fri 24-Nov-17 08:27:08

Yes take a change of clothes for evening. You won't want to be in same clothing as you have skied in. Casual wear is fine and hotels are generally very warm.

LIZS Fri 24-Nov-17 08:29:21

Look out for accessories like fleece neck warmers and take spare gloves for non skiing. As beginners you will spend a fair amount of time stood around on the nursery slopes initially so wear several layers and take goggles in case visibility isn't great.

NisekoWhistler Fri 24-Nov-17 09:01:17

Take slippers to use in the chalet too

cestlavielife Fri 24-Nov-17 14:48:45

Sun cream and lip salve . You can buy cream and lip combi... maybe Aldi will.have

cestlavielife Fri 24-Nov-17 14:50:34

Wear ski.jacket as your outer layer to travel.
Get a small backpack day pack to use when skiing for water wallet etc

burntoutmum Fri 24-Nov-17 14:53:57

Place marking! DS has a school ski trip coming up and we have no idea what we need to pack!

cestlavielife Fri 24-Nov-17 15:12:34

First aid kit for scrapes large plasters. For falling over when you took gloves off. And arnica for bruises

peppykoala Fri 24-Nov-17 15:39:12

If you're near a Decathlon they are great for cheap ski kit (adults and kids). Their liner gloves are great for wearing under your ski gloves - so much nicer to not have freezing hands as Petra said above, and they have the tips that you can use your phone with.

My tips are generally about comfort when you're not skiing! Ibuprofen as you will probably ache if it's your first time, suncream in packaging that won't crack if you fall on it, lip balm that won't solidify in the cold or mean taking gloves off to use it (I use the Blistex moisture one in a tube). Also some really hydrating moisturiser &/or facial oil - your skin will thank you!

FadedRed Fri 24-Nov-17 16:00:30

TBH unless either of you are particularly sweaty/smelly, then two sets of base layers will be enough, alternate them each day, you can always rinse a pair out if they get whiffs, which I bet they don't.
A pair of socks will do two days. Get proper ski socks, Aldi are good and cheaper than most places, usually four/five quid a pair.
Gloves with a wrist strap, so you can take them off without having to hold them while you adjust your bindings/blow your nose etc.
Those small packets of tissues are handy. You can get sun cream with lip balm in small tubes to take out with you.
Aldi snow boots cost about £15/20 and are perfectly adequate for a week, especially if you add a furry or heat reflecting insole.
If BU chalet hotel you mean a catered chalet where you eat in your apartment, then jeans or tracky bottoms and a top are fine for dinner.
The thin 'buffs' are great for around your neck, under your helmet and can be brought to cover cheeks and nose if really cold, the thicker ones tend to get damp and unpleasant when used as a face buff.
Jacket sleeves with a inner lining thingy that can be brought over your wrists with a hole to put your thumb in (you'll know what I mean when you see them) are great for stopping the cold gap between gloves and sleeve jackets and help keep your hands warmer.
Blister plasters are great for little areas that get rubbed and properly applied will survive a week in the shower. Like the front of your shins. YY to really good hand and face cream as the cold air tends to dry your skin.
Have a brilliant time, but be warned, if you like skiing it is very addictive and you'll want to keep going back every year. ⛷⛷⛷⛷

FadedRed Fri 24-Nov-17 16:25:47

You might like a pair of these grin

FairyPenguin Fri 24-Nov-17 16:54:04

I tend to wear base top and salopettes to breakfast, then put fleece top and ski jacket on when leaving the chalet. In December, I wouldn't personally wear base leggings as it's not that cold.

One pair of good ski socks (not tube socks), and make sure there is nothing between in your ski boots except the sock, ie not the inner layer of your salopettes or the base leggings (if you're wearing them). This will minimise chance of rubbing/blisters etc.

I then have helmet, goggles, gloves, and snood. Sunblock for face and lips, and some chocolate/sweets. You can usually fit whatever you're taking into the various pockets of your jacket or use a bumbag/small rucksack.

I have 3 base tops, 1 base leggings (only wear if very cold), 3 pairs ski socks, 2 fleece tops. Then I have normal gloves, scarf, snow boots for wearing in the afternoons/evenings, as well as jeans and tops. Although it's cold outside, everywhere inside tends to be really hot so take short-sleeve tops and cardigans/hoodies.

PestoSwimissimos Fri 24-Nov-17 17:08:29

Take pocket packs of tissues to slip in your backpack for runny noses & in case the loos have run out of paper.

Frozengeranium Fri 24-Nov-17 17:18:48

On the trespass website they have outer wear bundles that are exceptional value. They also have packing lists, I’ve not looked at them as yet but might help.
I can vouch for the quality of trespass gear. I have their tp75 outerwear from 4 years ago and prefer it over my expensive North Face gear for comfort and warmth. I also have their helmet which is so comfy and cost about £25.
Aldi thermal layers are good for cold days. I also just use my normal next leggings and long sleeve t shirts as base layers.
The only thing I really like to invest in is merino wool socks, a fresh pair each day. And really posh gloves, one thick and one thinner, weather depending.
For wandering about at night I usually buy some cheap ugg style boots and spray them with waterproof stuff. I can never find hiking boots that are warm enough and lace up snow boots have always pissed me off mid holiday and got thrown in a bin!

Newhouse76 Fri 24-Nov-17 21:38:59

Thanks everyone - I have just logged and seen so many messages!!

So many tips and I'm loving the pyjamas 🤣 I'm definately using this to make mu shopping list 😊.

Love mumsnet!

CertainHalfDesertedStreets Fri 24-Nov-17 21:49:17

You'll use fewer 'normal clothes' than you would expect as you'll get back to chalet at 5-6, spend half an hour scoffing tea and cake, then shower and change into clothes which you'll wear until you collapse exhausted into bed at 9.30.

So your clothes get about two and a half hours of wear per day on a clean body. So don't take loads - a couple of pairs of jeans/joggers and a few tops.

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