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Asmallgiraffe Sat 04-Nov-17 18:31:39


I booked flights months ago on a whim for new year dates - 31/12-07/01. We are a familly of 4 with two primary schoolers. Ordinarily we take them out and get a good deal, but I thought a ski trip in the Christmas hols could be so lovely. My question is, given the demand and how expensive the accommodation is, has anyone ever left it late and got a good deal for the peak week and if so, where should I look? Alternative is to book accommodation now and suck up the inflated cost! Thanks for your insight.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sun 05-Nov-17 18:07:18

Iglu was sending out discounted NY breaks last week.

Asmallgiraffe Mon 06-Nov-17 00:24:18

I’ll have a peak, thankyou!
Snow is beginning to fall m...

namechangedtoday15 Mon 06-Nov-17 09:32:23

Not quite the same but we go Christmas week. We're a family of 5 so always trickier than a 4 but I'd say there won't be much of a discount as you approach NY. Certainly for Christmas week (and I'm guessing NY is similar) people will want plans sorted and as it's early in the season, the snow sure resorts will get booked up (I found that the accommodation still available just before we flew was either very expensive or miles from the slopes). If you're prepared to drive / bus to the slopes or take your chances that the lower resorts will get good snow just before so you don't need to go high, you might get something cheaper. Otherwise I'd book now!

LIZS Thu 09-Nov-17 19:18:10

P and V sent out offers last week. Where are the flights to?

massistar Mon 13-Nov-17 14:48:47

Put your dates and arrival airport on the Chalet Solution Forum and see what offers you get. We've had a couple of good deals through there.

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