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Can I single parent who has never skied take DD,13 on a skiing holiday?

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Newhouse76 Sun 22-Oct-17 11:27:01

That's it really.

Have no balance but am reasonably fit, and had wondered if DD and I could attend group lessons together (would she be too young to be in the adult group?).

I have seen this place but wondered if it would be orientated too much for very small children.

Any advice on the type of accommodation and geography that would suit us would be much appreciated!

HorlicksBunny Sun 22-Oct-17 11:38:13

We've been with Esprit with our younger (than your DD) children. They do cater for younger kids. Their sister company Total Ski caters for families with older kids, but I think really only tales kids during school holidays (pls check with them to be sure).

But actually, I think any company would be fine to go with. You'll book your ski lessons with the ski school, so it depends on their rules as top whether you and your DD could take lessons together. If you can't do group lessons together then you could book private lessons, but they tend to be quite a lot more expensive - advantage is that it would then only be the two of you in the lesson and you could probably progress quite quickly.

We've only been to French resorts with kids and our favourite is Courchevel. Les Arcs 1800 or 2000 was ok. I'd avoid Val d'Isère as a beginner, I didn't like the slopes (tricky skiing) down to the bottom (although I think there are lifts you can take instead).

rookiemere Sun 22-Oct-17 17:13:26

I think it would be a super holiday for you both- only be prepared for your DD to get better much quicker than you !

I'd recommend staying in a chalet where you can meet other folk and swap ski stories - can be Espirit or Crystal or any of the main compnies.

If you're going to France, try to find a ski school that isn't esf ( french ski school) for group lessons. International or british run ski schools tend to have smaller, friendlier classes.

hambo Sun 22-Oct-17 17:18:10

We go to Les gets in France. Fly easy jet to Geneva and small bus or private taxi to Les gets village. It is such a pretty place and has lovely slopes for beginners. We book airbnb, and then get lessons with the French ski lessons, all lessons are in English and French. Last year I had a 14 yr old in my class so it should be ok for your daughter to accompany you. Lessons are so great, I made good friends and we actually try to book the same week each year now!

LIZS Sun 22-Oct-17 17:25:33

Have a look at Crystal, they have a wider cross section of client ages. Esprit is probably best under 11 and you would pay a premium for services you don't need. You could do a private lesson together but unless she is very fit and sporty she would be unlikely to be grouped with adults. She may well learn faster alongside her own age group. If you had half day group lessons you could ski together for a hour or two , or do other activities together.

Newhouse76 Sun 22-Oct-17 17:34:24

Thanks everyone this is great advice. I'll take a look this evening/tomorow and come back with any futher questions 😁

Thank you

cheeseandpineapple Sun 22-Oct-17 17:34:36

Yes, it’s a great holiday to do together!

It might already be fully booked for the holiday weeks but have a look at Chilly Powder, could be a good option for you and your daughter. It’s in Morzine which is in France, about an hour from Geneva. The people who run Chilly Powder can help organise ski lessons and advise on best options.

Morzine as a town has a variety of shops and restaurants if you want to take a break from skiing and chalet life.

tailsandscales Tue 24-Oct-17 09:44:01

I think Esprit is better suited to younger children as pp said.
If you call Chaletline and tell them your budget and requirements they will search for you. We used them this year when I got sick of searching through chalets. They were great and got us a better price than if we'd booked direct.

Hungryt0night Mon 30-Oct-17 00:56:44

Chilly powder was great and liked the ski resort and town. I was a first timer and enjoyed the holiday

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