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Les Gets in January

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MiniCooperLover Sat 07-Oct-17 14:52:09

I am going to Les Gets in January for 3 days with some friends who are skiing, I’m going for the relaxation of some quiet time. I’ve never skii’d or been to a ski resort before. Will Dr Maartens be ok for walking around in? How cold should I expect it to be? Thanks

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sun 08-Oct-17 20:32:36

I'd have thought they'd be fine. It could be very cold though, it's weather, it's unpredictable.

cestlavielife Mon 09-Oct-17 22:01:34

Take some proper snow boots. If you go up lifts as a pedestrian to meet friends you will need them.
Mountain warehouse has cheap snow boots.

MiniCooperLover Tue 10-Oct-17 10:11:33

Ok that’s really helpful, thank you! I definitely want to go up the mountain

dontcallmethatyoucunt Tue 10-Oct-17 12:17:26

I am left wondering why, thick socks, big boots. All good. Having said that, I'm extremely tight, so if I could avoid buying something I would grin

cestlavielife Tue 10-Oct-17 12:29:34

When you get off cable car in mountain as a pedestrian you can be ankle or even knee soft snow walking over to the mountain restaurant .. dr M may not be snow proof enough. Tho if you don't mind wet socks ..... look at trespass as well.for sale discounted snow boots

cestlavielife Tue 10-Oct-17 12:34:01

cestlavielife Tue 10-Oct-17 12:39:47

ps you can get pedestrian lift pass for few days or just pay each time

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