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Has anyone skied in Maurienne valley? Looking for snowbizz alternative

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Nomorerainplease Tue 26-Sep-17 20:03:22

We have been with snowbizz for the last few years and loved it. The quality of the child care is fantastic. We just put the kids in ski school/crèche in the morning.

However, this year even in term time it is about 4K (including ski passes/lessons etc) so we are looking elsewhere. I've read about Val Cenis/Sybelles on here- sounds great.

Can anyone tell me anymore- especially if there is any childcare/kids clubs for the mornings and are there lessons in English? I think my 5 year old would struggle in a purely French class. Many thanks!

Nomorerainplease Tue 26-Sep-17 21:45:58

Hopeful bump!

Nomorerainplease Wed 27-Sep-17 12:04:54


alp Tue 31-Oct-17 06:35:10

I came on here to search Val Cenis and find reviews as we are just about to book!

Any info would be appreciated smile

chantilly70 Wed 01-Nov-17 12:45:13

We went to Val Cenis a few years ago booked as self drive through Peak retreats. We stayed in chalets de flambeau - high end self catering with a decent pool and spa at the foot of the slopes (more luxurious than the Snowbizz accommodation in PSV). At the time we went to Val Cenis our youngest was in 2 star and the teacher spoke good English and was very nice. My older child fared less well in bronze with less English spoken and having to travel to a different meeting point. However I think ESF there would be fine with children in 3 star and below. Generally speaking Val Cenis is a good resort for families and the long green run is excellent for beginners. We did not use any childcare in Val Cenis but I think there is an ESF resort crèche. I think that if you travel in school holidays you will find quite a few families in the resort. If travelling outside school hols there would be less chance of an English speaking group. You could also look at La Norma and Aussois which are slightly smaller and probably cheaper all round..I haven't been to either but on paper they look comparable to PSV.

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