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Is too early to

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dontcallmethatyoucunt Tue 26-Sep-17 18:05:26

... start talking about 2017/18 season yet?... I'm desperate to go and it seems ages away. Snow has been falling though, so seems like it's almost time! wonders if a talking therapy would help with the addiction

dontcallmethatyoucunt Tue 26-Sep-17 18:06:52

Oh FGS, I can't even type anymore!

Is it too early to

Muchtoomuchtodo Wed 27-Sep-17 20:59:34

I don't think so!
I just booked the kids' ski hire for Christmas week.
Don't suppose you can recommend a good transfer company for between Grenoble and Tignes Le Lac can you?

dontcallmethatyoucunt Wed 27-Sep-17 21:12:36

No I can't I'm afraid. We've been to Tignes twice, but with 2 different tour companies, sorry.

Glad you're on it too though grin

massistar Thu 28-Sep-17 11:40:03

Never too early.

We're being greedy this year.. a week in Italy at Christmas time and a week in Tignes for half term. Cannot wait. The summer has been so crap weather wise that we may as well look forward to ski season!

massistar Thu 28-Sep-17 11:42:13

Much our chalet have recommended this company for transfers to Tignes but I've not used them before:

dontcallmethatyoucunt Thu 28-Sep-17 13:51:08

Nice one Massi love a double down!

I'm going to Val with my friends in March so will be over there a bit I expect. I can't wait, but it's ages away.

namechangedtoday15 Fri 29-Sep-17 17:42:53

Christmas booked (2 months, 3 weeks and 2 days to go!)

Cantseethewoods Sat 30-Sep-17 11:31:29

Just booked ours today......actually I probably won't be able to ski this year as just had bilateral foot operation but Dh and the kids will. We're going to Deer Valley at beginning of February. Only 4 days skiing though as we want to spend a few days in San Fran as well- DS desperate to see Alcatraz. We went to Whistler last year and loved it but no air miles flights to Vancouver this year so we're going to the US instead.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sun 01-Oct-17 14:58:24

Oh no cantsee, sounds like a great trip too. I think I'd be working hard with my physiotherapist and aiming to be back!

dontcallmethatyoucunt Fri 13-Oct-17 13:18:57

It's snowing in the Alps!

dontcallmethatyoucunt Fri 13-Oct-17 13:19:23


TractorTedTed Fri 20-Oct-17 10:48:39

Never too early!

It's mainly all I've been thinking about recently. Booked the holiday in August and have just finished booking all the transfers, airport parking etc. I love it!

Going in February and hoping for the same amazing conditions we had last year.

TractorTedTed Fri 20-Oct-17 10:49:33

And if it's already snowing in the Alps, dont then that's a great start!

dontcallmethatyoucunt Fri 20-Oct-17 22:10:16

Almost tempted to start some wall sits grin

massistar Tue 24-Oct-17 09:57:16

Never too early to start the wall sits. I've been doing a load of squats at the gym!

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 30-Oct-17 16:56:35

I've injured my toe and can't run shock This is not going to help my sKing!

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