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Booking a ski hol and TTC

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Cantseethewoods Sat 30-Sep-17 12:04:44

I am going "skiing but not skiing" next year- different reasons (had operation). I am just going to enjoy the downtime if I can't (it's 50/50). DH and the DC will Ski.

chantilly70 Fri 22-Sep-17 22:57:36

Glad my thoughts were helpful. You could delay booking things like ski pass and equipment hire until you get there and then if you weren't able to ski you would not lose out financially.

SusanTheGentle Fri 22-Sep-17 20:32:15

Thank you @chantill70, that's very good advice - I think we will book and then I'll take medical advice on the off-chance that it does all work and we do conceive. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable at all skiing even in very early pregnancy but I know people do so I'll investigate it more should I need to.

Really sensible idea about a resort with more going on; it hadn't even occurred to me that I could just go and not ski if we did that!! And you're quite right, I'd hate to miss the hol even if I couldn't fully take part.

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chantilly70 Thu 21-Sep-17 11:57:24

I think that you should book the ski holiday but choose a resort and accommodation that will have something else to offer if you do suddenly find yourself a nice pool in the residence or nearby. I was once advised by my doc that it is fine to ski until around 3 months pregnant as the baby would be small and well protected at that stage. If you book a holiday with your friends in January even if you do end up pregnant by then you would probably still be ok to ski.

Whereas if you don't book the hol you will feel more under pressure on the TTC which might make it a little less likely to happen. (if there is no underlying medical issue).

If you were to book and then become pregnant I would not advise cancelling as if you were then unlucky enough to have a m/c you would regret the cancellation. The first time I became pregnant I was due to go skiing at 3 months and had a m/c the day before. I probably would have been able to cancel through insurance but had been looking forward to the hol for a long time and needed to get away to cheer myself up. I went on to have two DC who are now accomplished skiiers themselves.

Good luck with the TCC and book the hol so you have something to look forward to.

SusanTheGentle Mon 11-Sep-17 11:03:46

Hi all

Has anyone ever done this? We've been TTC for ages, nothing happening, are being referred to specialists but have not got an appointment yet and it could be months to wait. Equally we've no idea what's wrong and we could get pregnant soon.

I desperately want the consolation of a skiing holiday and the people we're going with want to book (but know why we can't yet). We don't want to wait too long, but equally I don't want to ski while pregnant - I know some people do but I'm not expert enough to risk it, I have the odd silly fall still, never mind the risk of other people crashing into me.

So: does anyone know what to expect in terms of insurance, refunds if I book and then have to cancel? We were thinking of going with Crystal for various reasons, if that makes any difference.

I will phone them, I'm just interested if anyone has had experience of this.

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