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Lapland in December - clothing

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hopeidontforgetthisusername Mon 04-Sep-17 11:58:45

Hi there

We are flying to Rovaniemi in December and staying in Luosto for a few days for a Santa experience. Has anyone been who can advise on what clothing/how many layers we may need please? The tour operator will provide the boots and snow suits.


AlphaStation Mon 04-Sep-17 12:07:48

Yes, and fortunately someone has described it here: and basically what it says is that the inner layer is made out of thin wool, then you have a thicker layer on top of that, and then an anorak and -pants on the outside. I don't know what a "snow suit" is, though, is it like ski pants and a jacket?

Don't forget mittens and socks, and a woollen knit hat.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 04-Sep-17 18:59:32

It was -22 when we were in Lapland. Take plenty of layers, but I would expect that the suits will be pretty good, but layers, upon layers were what worked for us.

flapjackfairy Mon 04-Sep-17 19:09:18

We took ladies tights to put under everything. Even the men ! And it kept us warm even in minus 27 degree temps.
Also take some of those glove warmers esp for the kids, the ones that have a gel and can be reused. Also thin rubber gloves like doctors use are brilliant to trap air and keep hands warm. And balaclavas or neckwarmers to cover mouth in case its really cold. We found boots, gloves, balaclavas were all provided so check first. And dont buy expensive gloves , primarks ski gloves were more effective than expensive ones. And above all else imo take warm thermal socks and thinner ones to layer over tights and under thethicker ones.
Oh and have a great time !

TallulahBetty Mon 04-Sep-17 19:10:26

Plenty of thin layers rather than fewer bulky ones. The snowsuits are fab! Enjoy.

AlphaStation Mon 04-Sep-17 19:14:56

-22 isn't so bad actually, if the air is dry (as it is inland). Bring long underwear (preferably in merino wool ) and similarly t-shirts with long arms, a cotton shirt (chequered if you want to fit in...), bring woollen sweaters, fleece jacket, windbreaker jacket, perhaps a vest made with goose down, a knit cap, a scarf, mittens (not made of acrylic but rather ... wool or leather with wool on the inside ... or combination mittens + woollen gloves on inside), woollen socks (two pairs, one thin, one thick, one worn inside the other). It's the air between the layers that'll keep you warm. I feel a bit warm even simply by describing these garments... If you put all of this on, you won't need the snow suit, unless you go snowmobiling which I expect you will, and then you're sitting still on the snowmobile for a long time and need to be particularly warm. Can't say I'm not envious, it sounds like great fun for you and your family! But as I have this weather outside every winter, it's not quite the same... grin

AlphaStation Mon 04-Sep-17 19:18:37

Agree, don't buy expensive stuff. For socks, simple knitted (thick) woollen boot socks will do the trick. Similarly with the mittens.

hopeidontforgetthisusername Mon 04-Sep-17 20:48:36

Thank you all this is really helpful. I have ordered some base layers for us all and then some mid layers - will we need 2 or 3 mid layers? I was going to get balaclavas but will check first in case they provide them. I have seen people say to buy silk gloves to put inside thermal mittens and also socks but I see flapjackfairy suggests tights with thin socks and then thick socks so may go for this instead
I just want to make sure we take the right things as we will only do this once so don't want to ruin it with inadequate clothing.

Good suggestion if hand warmers too 😊

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 04-Sep-17 21:33:01

Aldi do some really good ski wear and merino stuff cheaper than anywhere else I've seen it. Worth waiting for them too

hopeidontforgetthisusername Mon 04-Sep-17 21:48:43

Ooh good thinking we have Aldi I will take a look in their baskets as well 😊

Chrisinthemorning Sat 16-Sep-17 07:34:24

Following as we are going to Luosto in December

Kuriusoranj Sat 16-Sep-17 07:45:46

Where did you get your base layers from hope? We're doing the same sort of trip, but we currently live 70km from the equator, so we can't buy that stuff here. We'll be in the UK for a few days before the trip, so I can order stuff to be shipped to family, but I don't want to risk waiting to go to Aldi.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sat 16-Sep-17 08:24:10

When you say 'risk' Aldi, in what sense? They do a ski kit sale every year and they offer 100% merino at a price better than any I've seen (think 15 as opposed to 60!). The cycling sale also has options.

AFAIK you can have it delivered now, you could when I looked at their site last time. Women's sizing is a shade generous, kids fairly accurate. You are right to think that there won't be stock in store if you don't go during the official offer week though.

Ski jackets etc are not as warm as some of the high end brands, but still pretty substantial. They are catering to the French/German ski market too remember.

The quality is excellent (I have icebreaker merino at about £90 and frankly it's no different). Seams and stitching all good and I've had standard mid layers for a few years. Iv also got running tops and they have worn well. Although some running leggings are definitely too big for a medium

Clearly you can't try it on if you're abroad,but that's the same wherever.

I don't work for Aldi grin

Kuriusoranj Sat 16-Sep-17 09:00:40

Hahaha - yes, I can see that made no sense. I meant that I won't have a lot of time so I don't want to risk not being able to get to an Aldi, or them not having anything in, or etc. etc. I didn't know they delivered, though - maybe that would work. I shall have a look.

The lower price is very appealing - it really doesn't have to last more than the 3 days we'll be in Finland, there's no chance of us being back in that level of cold before the children grow out of the stuff.

Onthehighseas Sat 16-Sep-17 09:10:38

If you are getting snow suits free, you probably wont need any outer wear like ski jackets or salopettes. Just the other layers as has been suggested. It was -17 when we went and with several layers plus the snow suit, snow boots, decent gloves and a woolly hat we were toasty warm the whole time.

XJerseyGirlX Sat 16-Sep-17 09:13:16

I packed way to much than we needed. The snow suits and boots provided were more than adequate and I only needed normal clothing underneath ( leggings and a jumper) I was really worried about keeping dd5 warm and I suffer with the cold too but I needn't have worried.

Wizhic Mon 13-Nov-17 19:41:47

Can you get away with normal pants then? Under the baselayer obviously! Just confusing with all this - avoid cotton talk!
We too are off for a week but don’t really want to buy all new undies too!

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 13-Nov-17 21:46:30

I only have silk pants that's a total lie but I didn't worry and kept my kids in their normal ones

Wizhic Mon 13-Nov-17 22:13:28

Thanks that’s great. Reckon I could easily spend another tonne on silk pants - but really not that kind of gal!
And have already spent a small fortune on baselayers etc. Just reread my first nessssge too - lots of !!!!!!! Clearly well excited.

Buttercupsandaisies Mon 27-Nov-17 19:24:09

Go on the Lapland thread on trip advisor - we went a few years ago. You don't need half the stuff that gets suggested sorry! The operators lend you everything inc gloves and pure wool socks. Don't buy any ski gear, on excursions they won't even let you wear it - you have to wear the arctic type suit provided.

I base layer and fleece is fine. Most people wear primark fleece pj bottoms under the suits too!

We bought loads and ended up returning it as they give you everything

Buttercupsandaisies Mon 27-Nov-17 19:25:33

Mad as it sounds it's a different type of cold. It was colder today here than I felt in -20 in Lapland

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