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Skiing 2018

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dontcallmethatyoucunt Tue 25-Jul-17 08:26:36

Check out UCPA, it's the best all in value I've ever found. Full board, all kit, lift pass, clean comfy, ski in. We are going for £473 for a long weekend, plus flight. You don't need to spend another penny, you can however nip to the shops to buy a bottle of local plonk.

The kit was brilliant and the food outstanding too. Action Outdoors is the UK distributor.

Beware an apartment unless you take a lot of food with you, it can be expensive.

SkiBike007 Mon 24-Jul-17 17:54:38

Yes we normally self cater due to kids but the exchange rate on the euro meant food cost us a fortune this year and we would have been better off in a catered chalet

SkiBike007 Mon 24-Jul-17 17:53:25

If you can wait till a couple weeks before skiworld do good value chalets on their last minute offers page. I only book early now as we have to go in school holiday dates.

froomie Sat 22-Jul-17 12:01:53

All depends on whether you're motivated by the LOWEST possible spend up front, or can you spend a bit more to get something slightly nicer. Also worth looking at spending another little bit for Half Board as self catering sounds "cheap and easy" on paper but when you arrive reality kicks in when you have 2 hot plates and a tiny oven, nothing else.

Then you throw in the towel and spend way more than you would have done on eating out. Mid-March is a good time to find a decent price on Half Board or Chalet deals and then someone else does the cooking and cleaning too. Try one of the agents like who can advise on best way to do things.

Finally strongly recommend a package deal over booking all travel etc seperately. Yes you might squeeze a few more pounds out but consider what happens if your flight is 6 hours delayed or your transfer gets stuck. Scheduled flights simply don't wait, if you're with a TO on a charter flight then they are OBLIGED to make alternative arrangements for you.

Mushybanna23 Sat 22-Jul-17 10:36:15

Really not looking for luxury either I understand I probably will be getting Pokey apartment with one bathroom

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Mushybanna23 Sat 22-Jul-17 10:13:25

Looking to go to France skiing in march 2018 there will be four of us mid 20s. we have a budget of 600 pounds each for two with out ski higher as they have there own and Around 600 pluss how ever much ski higher is for the others. we think an apartment will be the cheapest way to go but where's the best place to find cheap accommodation ski higher passes and travel. the ski train seems the best way as they offer free luggage and room for skis and the transfer is max 40 mins at the end rather than 3 hours if we fly. I looked on air bnb yesterday and got everything as low As 653 for two and 791 for the others (including travel and ski passes and ski higher) but could I get it all cheaper any tips

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