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Brides Les Baines

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FriendshipBraclet Mon 10-Jul-17 07:54:40

Hi has anyone been here before and what are your experiences? We are a family of 2 adults and an 11 year all intermediate level.
We have booked for last week in February, so know its going to be fairly busy.
As it's a quiet resort just wondering what people have done for food shopping/ eating out.

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froomie Thu 13-Jul-17 10:03:49

As long as you don't expect nightlife then it works well as a low-cost way of getting into the Three Valleys. There are a couple of restaurants and shops for self catering. Nothing extensive but you'll be able to get the essentials easily. Not far away is Moutiers with much more shopping choice. Will you have a vehicle? If so then a big shop in Moutiers is the best choice and you'll also find more options for eating out there.

paulox Wed 09-Aug-17 20:05:51

I spent last season in Brides, so happy to answer as much as I can.
There's a Spar in Brides itself for the essentials, though it's fairly expensive. It does sell rotisserie chicken. If you have transport, Moutiers has a large Carrefour but even closer there is a SuperU which you will drive past. It's a fair size and no more expensive than the Carrefour really. Also in Brides is a Boulangerie for that fresh bread and pastries smile Don't forget that smaller shops close at lunchtimes and many places are closed Sundays / Sunday afternoons.

There's a great pizza place in the enclosed shopping area in the middle, they also do takeaways. Also good value is the cafe looking place on the main road which also sells lottery tickets etc. - massive plates of pasta, steaks etc.

There are other pubs and restaurants, and the bar in the Mercure hotel is surprisingly good value for drinks. The downside of Brides is that you're not living in the main resort, but there is a free bus into Meribel one night a week if you want to partake in the apres ski. In Brides they also do various free entertainment outside the tourist office - live bands, free hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows for the kids etc. Keep an eye on their website or pop in to the tourist office for details.

Have a great time.

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