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Options other than Esprit

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Letsgetreal Tue 04-Apr-17 09:33:23

We've just got back from a week with Esprit in Gressoney.

Whilst it was good - the child care was great - the hotel was fairly basic and the food, especially for the younger kids, left a lot to be desired.

I guess at the end of the day you get what you pay for.

This is the first time we've done this type of skiing holiday and I was
wondering whether anyone can recommend other Esprit resorts or other companies that you feel do this type of childcare/skiing holiday?

If anyone has actual experience of Esprit and other companies that would be great, as we dont really have anything to benchmark our Esprit experience against.

Many thanks

SkiYesPlease Tue 04-Apr-17 20:17:30

I've not tried any other companies as Esprit childcare has been fantastic for us and we are therefore willing to compromise on the accommodation. Having said that we tried Gressoney last year and felt it was below the usual Esprit standards. It is such a shame that this is your first experience of them.

We been to St.Anton, Les Get and La Rosiere and can say they were all great and we would go back to either one of them again (although we like to try new places if we can).

Unfortunately I cant compare against another company but in comparison to other Esprit resorts, Gressoney is a poor relation.

Muchtoomuchtodo Tue 04-Apr-17 23:00:58

We've always been with Family Ski since having kids and have found their childcare to be second to none.

The food for adults and kids has been really high quality too.

Their chalets are reasonably small (4-5 families max) and we've always been happy with our accommodation .

Letsgetreal Fri 07-Apr-17 11:00:12

Thanks all for the advice - we'll look into other resorts (have heard good things about Obergurgl) and look at Family ski in more detail. Though on a quick look Esprit have Family Ski beaten on price quite substantially.

SkiBike007 Sat 08-Apr-17 11:44:47

I've observed the ski famillie staff in action at Les Gets on two different years and the seem excellent with the young children under 5 in their care. I recommended them to my brother but he hasn't had chance to try them out yet, and my DDs are past that stage now.

snowgirl1 Sun 09-Apr-17 14:09:03

Crystal Ski have some resorts with childcare and Mark Warner also have some chalet hotels with childcare.

What left a lot to be desired about the food for younger children with Esprit?

Muchtoomuchtodo Sun 09-Apr-17 21:40:11

Family Ski do offer some early booking discounts so it may be worth contacting them.

chendol Fri 06-Oct-17 22:55:27

We went with Ski Famille over Xmas last year in Les Gets. They were great with the kids but it's quite pricey over school holidays period, so it's ideal if you can get a good discounted deal or still where kids can go off peak!

WineBeforeCake Wed 11-Oct-17 15:02:36

You do sadly get what you pay for. Esprit was a bit crap when I went, so I didn’t go with them again.

Sadly, the service I like is Powder Byrne and that is eye wateringly pricy.

😂 If I win the lottery....

In the meantime I do it separately and independently and it saves loads as well as being nicer.

AlpineAngels Tue 24-Oct-17 18:56:25

If you are travelling to St Anton, Mayrhofen or Kitzbuhel have a look at Alpine Angels Childcare - flexible & affordable private childcare from an independent company that can work in any chalet or hotel!

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