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Just got back from Ski Famille holiday...loved it!

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Loopymumsy Sun 04-Mar-07 20:45:14

Message withdrawn

kookaburra Wed 14-Mar-07 15:40:25

Optional extras - yes! My pet (and petty!!!) hate is the way on the coaches (have had this with Esprit & Thomson so far this winter - not before, must be catching on) they offer the extras, but insist on being paid in cash, or if CC then (really!)crazy rate. If cash, they have no change- 'will give to you later..'In resort found that things like torchlight descent etc odd amounts required - eg 8 Euros, no change)Also, if you have pre-paid ski passes, they require cash for a deposit on the card that you get back at the end, if you traipse to the ski office to do it, as no-one does on their last afternoon. No-one would notice an extra few euros when they purchase the passes with their holiday six months before - bloody irritating when you're exhausted having got up @ 3am, sitting opn the coach with only big euro notes!
Asking the chalet host about this widespread lack of change, she said 'Oh, that's because the ski hosts don't get left tips LIKE US CHALET HOSTS DO, so they make it on the change scam, and taking the passed back to the ski lift office.
Thanks Esprit - sorry my £5k wasn't enough for you to pay your staff a living wage...

Cleenaghan Sun 02-Sep-07 23:07:32

Loopymumsy please tell me more.Going with SF jan 08. dd will b 4yrs ds will b 2.5. Going to les gets.Any advice?!dd and I skied in austria for first time last year- husband more experienced.dd loved it but we only sent her to ski school once a day in am and had gran there to help keep an eye and look after ds. This year trying SF and plan book some private lessons 4 kids together just so ds can get a feel. Then if he isn't too keen can just stay with nannies.Are we mad?

andiem Mon 03-Sep-07 08:06:50

cleenaghan I have been with SF I would recommend the ESF snow garden for your ds. he is too young for lessons my ds went in when he was 4 and loved it you can book online via the esf website they teach them how to move in skis etc but in a play area and there are toilets and warm hut near by
Les Gets is fine not a vast ski area but you can go over to morzine avoriaz etc the village itself is pretty full of brits grin

Cleenaghan Mon 03-Sep-07 13:52:19

andiem snow garden sounds good.Dh had been in touch with ESF and they had said would be prepared to take ds after giving him an assessment.What are teacher pupil ratios like in snow Garden ? What did u think of SF nannies ,accommodation etc?

Cleenaghan Mon 03-Sep-07 13:54:42

Sorry 4 all the questions but all the postings about the ski espirit experience has left me a bit anxious!

andiem Tue 04-Sep-07 11:32:09

Hi have done esprit mark warner and ski famille and I have to say ski famille was the most dissapointing. Our plane was delayed and they made a right fuss about it at the airport and left my dh at the airport on his own to arrive later! I was not impressed as had child plus luggage to contend with
Chalet was ok but we did not have a proper chalet host and the food was crap I can cook better myself. Also we were the only family in the chalet so was wierd nannies were ok but did things like forgot to tell us where to pick his badge up at the end of the week and lost the piece of paper. they also kept any money you gave them so if I gave them 10 euros for ice skating no change ever appeared. We decided not to go with them gain.
Esprit and mark warner are very similar we are going with esprit next year as we have a newborn and we can fly to chambery making the transfer a lot shorter I have had very good experiences with both companies and think that on the whole bad experiences tend to be realted to individuals rather than the whole package ifykwim

Snow garden was good can't remember the ratios but what I think you do have to account for is the french take no prisoners with their children so if they fall over etc they expect them to get up and get on with it but my ds loved it and was runing down the road to it every day grin It really set him up for proper skiing the next year

PodPast Thu 13-Sep-07 21:36:30

We had completely the opposite experience from andiem with skifamille in les gets last feb, and booked again immediately to go feb 08. fab nannies, gorgeous food, briliant chalet hosts, kids loved it, all the five families in the chalet got on well (none of us had met before)... i couldn't fault it. i hope we have the same luck next year...

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