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Ski weekend but not France?

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taptonaria27 Tue 07-Mar-17 21:02:59

I usually go with a couple of friends Friday to Tuesday in January. We mostly go to Morzine and have also been to La Tania but I'd like to go to a different country to try it.
I need to fly from the north, they are south - ideally less than 1.5 hours from airport on the other side to maximise ski time.
Does anyone have any recommendations please?

citykat Wed 08-Mar-17 13:33:10

Sauze D'oulx ( spelling??) in Italy is close to Turin airport. Courmayeur is not too far from Geneva. Or Passé Tonale ( Milan bergamo). All weekendable. Enjoy

anotherdayanothersquabble Fri 10-Mar-17 17:51:38

Fly to Zurich and ski in Laax / Flims.

SwearyGodmother Fri 10-Mar-17 17:53:01

Fly to Innsbruck. It's an hour from St Anton on the train and a bus connects the airport and station. Lots of great skiing and great apres.

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