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Stupid question but do we need insurance for ski holiday in Scotland?

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highlandholiday Sat 11-Feb-17 14:55:48

I say ski holiday-we'll probably only ski one day.
quick Google says I can get insurance for the family for under £20 but is it necessary?

One is that one of us will come down with a bug that's been going round the dc's school and we won't be able to go to our pricey private lesson but would insurance even cover this?

allegretto Sat 11-Feb-17 16:09:42

I would say yes. I was badly injured skiing without insurance and would have got a big pay out if I had been!

Bumply Sat 11-Feb-17 16:36:05

What if you broke a leg in a way that meant driving/public transport to get home was difficult. Is £20 not worth it for peace of mind?
I get annual holiday Insurance for me and my son so I'm covered not only for expensive holiday abroad but uk jaunts as well

highlandholiday Sat 11-Feb-17 17:01:22

yes I guess it's worth it-I just wasn't sure whether it would cover things like not being able to get home or act as a kind of compensation.

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