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Clubmed ski experience- with child under age limit for Clubmed childcare

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Belski Sun 29-Jan-17 11:55:37

Hell we booked a holiday for next season with Clubmed ( used their early booking offer) with a few families but a problem is that one of my kids would be less than a week younger than 4 years old - which is the minimum age for ski school and childcare provided by Clubmed. They seem to be very strict on their age limits - so would not accept him to mini club ( they say it's insurance matter). On the plus side that means he effectively goes free - however it means that I will need to organise separate arrangements for him - has any one had any experience with staying in Clubmed with kids and using third party childcare/ski school?

Belski Sun 29-Jan-17 11:57:45

OK - the first word is meant to be Hello;)

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