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Everyone have a GREAT week?

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AntEater Sat 24-Feb-07 18:34:09

After last year (dw tore her ACL) we were delighted to not only have a fantastic week but also get back in intact!

How did everyone else do?

corkgirl Sun 25-Feb-07 09:40:14

we had a fab week in zermatt!

AntEater Sun 25-Feb-07 11:38:40

How lucky were we with the weather??!
Looks grimm now cloudy

corkgirl Mon 26-Feb-07 10:10:24

how did you find stoked? our 9 year old loved it but i thougjht the 7 year old's teacher was a bit humourless...

mummydoc Mon 26-Feb-07 10:25:58

where have you all been ? we are off to courcheval in 2 1/2 weeks - soooo excited.

AntEater Mon 26-Feb-07 11:57:43

Found Stoked large and Germanic. Lots of extra instructors employed for 1/2 term and Carnival weeks. Our 4 yo enjoyed the first few days but little fun was had beyond skiing.

On the other hand the Summit ski school did a fantastic job with our 7 and 9 year olds. Group of 6 skiied everywhere, jumps, lunch in Italy etc

mamhaf Mon 26-Feb-07 15:21:06

Just back from 3 Valleys - we had a great time - lovely sunny weather and good snow (hard and icy in a few places), also very, very busy. Two young French men crashed into us on separate runs - one ski-er, one snowboarder - no injuries thankfully but makes it worth wearing a helmet. For that reason, I now wouldn't recommend the 3 Valleys resorts if you have very young children and/or beginners in your least when it's peak season. I filled in a feedback form in the resort saying they should patrol the pistes to deter such dangerous behaviour. Snowing as we left so should be great this week. Another word of warning - if you're driving - we had an attempted break-in to our car - think they were after the SatNav (which had been removed, but holder still on dashboard) - it may have happened outside Decathlon sports shop in Albertville or outside the gondola station in Brides-les-Bains. We've heard of British cars being targeted in France before, and I keep telling dh not to leave the SatNav holder on display. This all sounds like we had a terrible time, but it wasn't - it was great and I wish we were going again!

AntEater Mon 26-Feb-07 16:13:24

Just booked for 2008!

mummydoc Mon 26-Feb-07 16:35:33

where an dwith who anteater ??

AntEater Mon 26-Feb-07 16:50:01

Zermatt, book hotel, flights and transfer by train (excellent for kids) ourselves.

sinclair Tue 27-Feb-07 15:05:26

Lovely week in Schonried, next door to Gstaad. Door to door by train which was lovely, s/c for the 1st time which was less stressful than I imagined, hopeless snow but sunny weather, ski school packed as only one village had much snow (Gstaad is very low) and as a result bit patchy, leaving us ski-ing in 2 hour bursts - good week for perfecting technique!

This was the first week we tried a DIY version - in the past we have done the catered chalet but funds didn't allow this year, and on balance it was a good solution. But I was disappointed in the ski school - realise I shold have researched it more in advance. Does anyone know of a resource online that compares and rates ski schools?

Nip Tue 27-Feb-07 15:07:58

I went to Les Arcs in Jan and its was absolutely fantastic - great skiing, warm weather and great resort.

DH also went to Val Thorens - again great weather, fantastic skiing and superb chalet etc

A good season this year - very envious of those of you still to go! (although DH is nagging me to go again! )

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