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Children transitioning from skis to board - what age?

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LakeFlyPie Tue 17-Jan-17 16:59:23

DS (8) really wants to try snowboarding. He skied for the 1st time last year and was reasonably proficient by the end of the week. My gut feeling is he should do another week of skiing and board next year but as he's probably going to end up boarding in the long term should we just let him swap now?

flashheartscanoe Wed 18-Jan-17 08:58:11

I'd say it depends how brave and determined he is! Everyone I know who has learned to board has had 3 very painful frustrating days before it clicks. My daughter was older and a good skier, she made the switch on her school ski trip and we had a very tearful phone call on day 3 and a triumphant one on day 4! So as long as he knows he'll be back to basics and if there's a good kids learning group he should be ok.

Itwasthenandstillis Wed 18-Jan-17 09:01:27

I would give him a try on a board if he wants to but skis are so much better and so much more versatile now that longterm I would aim to stick with skiing. Because skis are much better now Snowboarding is rapidly losing popularity. My boys want to try boarding, but I am doing my best to persuade them to stick with skiing.... will rent boards for a day maybe for them to try it out.

massistar Wed 18-Jan-17 10:19:04

Interesting. My DH and I both snowboard but he's always insisted that our kids learned to ski first. My DS went on about for a while when he was around 8 and then lost interest. He's now 11 and a superb skiier. Skis have changed now and he can go to the snowparks, do jumps, go off piste and do all the things that snowboarders can do.

If you're not that bothered though and he's only had a week on skis I'd probably let him try the board. He might hate it as they do a lot more falling over in the first couple of days than he will have done on skis.

massistar Wed 18-Jan-17 10:21:35

My DS is going to rent a board for a day this year Itwas. I've got a feeling he might hate it going back to basics given how good he is on skis.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Wed 18-Jan-17 19:41:10

It's just another way to get down a slope really. I do think skiing is easier in resorts as lifts are set up for skiers. The flat sections are a pain too on a board. Some people prefer one or the other though and who is to say what is 'right'.

As he's only done a week, I'd let him switch if he wants.

PatriciaHolm Fri 20-Jan-17 22:34:16

DS started boarding at almost 10, but he had been skiing since he was 2. If he really fancies it, I'd give it a go.

anotherdayanothersquabble Fri 20-Jan-17 22:49:50

We have one boarder who would rather board than anything. He is 7. It's what he wants to do and nothing will stop him.

We have one who will only ski and has no interest having tried it and hated going back to the beginning. Tried at age 8.

And Mr middle of the road, does both, couldn't choose if you put a gun to his head. Also started at 8, stopped for a bit and now at 12, some of his mates board, some ski so he is happy either way.

Me, I board, ski, XC, snow shoe depending on the mood, the company and the conditions.

engineersthumb Fri 20-Jan-17 22:53:22

Wow...most middle class thread eversmile

PatriciaHolm Fri 20-Jan-17 23:04:49

You realise you're in the skiing board, right, engineer? wink

Natsku Fri 20-Jan-17 23:12:57

Let him start boarding, I found it much easier as a child than skiing.

engineersthumb Fri 20-Jan-17 23:14:30

I do but as midle class problems go this one is up there!
Not having a pop it just struck me as funny!

Eeeek686 Fri 20-Jan-17 23:20:00

Word of advice from someone with 14 seasons under their belt - strongly recommend butt and knee padding!! It is The most painful learning curve ever (I am instructor level in both ski and Board but prefer to Board) but a folded towel covering the old coccyx goes a long way to alleviating some of the suffering ..... grin

empirerecordsrocked Sat 21-Jan-17 08:00:33

I'd let him switch now tbh. As an old gimmer now I don't (can't?) board - I'm scared to learn.

If he wants to switch completely he may as well get on with it.

Biking007 Sat 21-Jan-17 09:18:34

Wear a small backpack with big jumper or fleece inside it so if you crash backwards as u have a softer landing grin worked DH and myself, reduces head impact as well.

foobio Sat 21-Jan-17 09:28:54

Came on to post this, but realise your DS is older so doesn't really help. guardian link
Make sure he wears wrist guards too, breaks are so easy when boarding!

anotherdayanothersquabble Sat 21-Jan-17 19:39:40

DS boards with Tammy Esten and Mint Snowboarding. Their instructors are awesome and really do know what they are doing!

celtiethree Sat 21-Jan-17 19:44:21

We made our oldest DS sit his holidays 50:50 until he was great on all terrain just in case he ever wanted to switch back when he was older. He only boards now buy you never know, those flats are really painful.

celeryisnotasuperfood Sat 21-Jan-17 19:54:54

Following on from that article - we are snow boarders so made no sense for us to take our little one skiing as we don't know how to. She started at 18 months, last year at 2.5 she went down a blue run and this year we will see if she's ready and wants to take on more of the mountain. We get a lot of stares!

celeryisnotasuperfood Sat 21-Jan-17 19:55:35

I fully expect her when she's older to nag us to get her some ski lessons! ;-)

massistar Sun 22-Jan-17 09:55:35

I had a private lesson with Tammy in Avoriaz 2 years ago, she was awesome!

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