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Where to ski at Xmas?

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clarrylove Sun 11-Dec-16 08:14:22

Hi. We would really like to ski this Xmas but am nervous as the conditions are very poor in the resorts I have checked out. Who on here is going? Any resort recommendations? It's making me nervous to book anything!

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sun 11-Dec-16 10:53:17

We are heading to Canada for that exact reason and most probably making the situation worse by doing so

We skied in Ruka last year and it was cold, but OK with layers and totally loaded with snow. I wouldn't go anywhere in the alps

chantilly70 Mon 12-Dec-16 12:32:34

If I were booking now I think Montgenevre would be the best option best on the snow depths I've seen online. It an excellent resort for families.

namechangedtoday15 Wed 14-Dec-16 11:04:27

We went to Cervinia last Christmas. I think because it's so high, it had decent conditions even though some of the lower slopes were snow-machine snow (and all the reports were dire). There were some runs that weren't open but it was the first family ski trip for us (children had learnt basic before we went) so were really only looking for blue and red runs (which there were more than enough of). Had a great time, skied 22nd-26th Dec, slopes were pretty much empty until Christmas Day and even then it wasn't really busy. If finances allowed, I'd be doing exactly the same holiday this year in a heartbeat - at the same time of year! Sadly having to save for next year.

tinabina Wed 14-Dec-16 20:11:23

Might be useful - I've just HIRED all our ski clothing - adults and kids - from skismart online. Have had it all sent to me for test fitting - a free service - and it's all 'known' branded stuff like Helly Hansen.
Total cost £200 for 4 people but reckon it's circa £700 of gear that we may never use again - first timers!!
Best bit is you send it back to them dirty after use - no need to wash it all when you come home!

Radiatorvalves Thu 15-Dec-16 14:00:15

I've just been watching Ed Leigh on line (the snowboarder on ski Sunday). He's been at Val Cenis, Montgenevre and Vars over the past 3 days and they look excellent. I think the southern French resorts are pretty good compared with other options. And that is fab news as we are off just after Christmas!

Check out webcams of Montgenevre (looked great down the bottom), Vars and Risoul. And Serre Che too. We will probably visit all of them. Les Orres doesn't look that great though.

chapsie Sun 18-Dec-16 09:33:36

Conditions here in courchevel are great and we have access to even higher resorts like val thorens

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