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First time family skiing - Norway, Italy, Andora or Austria???

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Carminia Thu 06-Oct-16 16:38:33

Lovely people, first time going skiing as family (DH, DS 7yo and me). We want to go in February half term. DH and me already had a skiing holiday pre child (both begginers status). I took my son to local ski dome and he got the hang of it and enjoyed it. So, medium budget, not keen in France... And in our holidays we tend to book everything ourselves and in general we do not like "package" hols (for summer), but in this ocacion I appreciate it may be better?
I want my son to be happy and be able to ski and play with other children his same age (english / spanish speaking better), so hotel with indoor play area / indoor pool would be ideal.
We would like ski lessons for the 3 of us, also I would love to try country skiing so would need lessons for that.
I also would like to be in a nice town where ideally there would be restaurants, cafes, etc.
Andorra in general seems the cheaper option - but has aybody been with family and is it nice?
Norway seems lovely - but will february be bitterly cold? And there will be english speaking children?
Austria / Italy?
Recommedations please, thanks!!!

LineyReborn Thu 06-Oct-16 16:42:38

If you go to Andorra in Feb I would stay in a hotel and do the Learn to Ski package which is good value. I've done Andorra apartments and they are cold cold cold brrrr.

SienaSun Sun 09-Oct-16 22:36:50

Andorra is good for beginners and cheaper than most Alpine resorts but if you are flying, long transfer from airport. I've not been with kids but I think there is a good kids ski school.
Austria and Italy both have lots of family friendly resorts with good ski schools. Zell am See, obergurgl, Sauze d'oulx, etc. if you are going in half term there will be lots of English speaking kids in these resorts.
I've never skied in Norway so don't know. I have skied in Sweden and it was very cold with lots of drags so maybe not ideal for a 7 yo beginner.

Skilover Mon 10-Oct-16 10:48:42

Sorry for late contribution. I would say that Norway would definitely be cold and expensive. Neilson do some great club hotels with child care included and Ski Esprit also have some club hotels that might be worth you looking at where you can guarantee to have other families near by. Also maybe try Kinder Hotels in Austria as I have heard some great feedback about them....I went to Kappl in Austria which has a good short transfer from Innsbruk and it looked great for families although quite small (but cost would be good). Finally Club Med might be an option?
Good luck.

TheNaze73 Mon 10-Oct-16 10:53:14

It's probably the most expensive option but, Austria has everything & is a great place to learn.
I know others who went to Pamparovo in Bulgaria & gave it good feedback but, not been myself

LineyReborn Mon 10-Oct-16 11:30:47

I skied in Romania as a beginner and it was great. People there who had been to Bulgaria (Pamparovo) were very complimentary about it, too.

Carminia Mon 10-Oct-16 13:40:05

Thank you all for the ideas! We will give Norway a miss, but probably narrowing on Austria or Andorra. I know Austria is more ££ but I am more tempted by that!

dontcallmethatyoucunt Thu 13-Oct-16 17:05:28

Andorra has a reputation for being icy. It certainly was when we went. I'm sure lots of people will now come and tell me I'm very wrong, but I think I'd go with Austria.

SwearyGodmother Thu 13-Oct-16 17:09:15

I've not skied Andorra but DH did pre me and it was full of pissed up lads on benders and therefore horrific on the slopes. We tend to ski in Austria now - it's v family friendly (we're child free but have noticed this) and the resorts tend to be more than just ski villages - more to do, more atmosphere and the food/drink on the mountain is substantial and delicious - better than the fried crap we got in France or Bulgaria.

I love skiing in Austria - have to stop telling everyone else about it lest they abandon France and pile in on the relatively empty slopes with me.

frikadela01 Thu 13-Oct-16 17:10:18

I've been to Austria salbach and hinterglem. Absolutely beautiful. Never been with children but saw lots and lots of them wooshing past me everytime I fell grin

namechangedtoday15 Thu 13-Oct-16 22:51:51

I'd vote for Italy. Very family friendly, great skiing, cheaper than any of the French / Austrian resorts and the children and me gorged themselves on pizza and ice cream. What's not to like smile?

parrots Mon 17-Oct-16 16:08:47

Norway is amazing, no crowds, reliable snow, very child friendly. Cold weather is a good thing for a ski resort, and you don't tend to notice it anyway with modern ski gear.

I don't find it particularly expensive, either (apart from the alcohol)... and the Krone has struggled over the past couple of years due to the decline in the price of oil. Of course, pretty much everywhere is likely to be pricey this season given the state of the pound tho.

LineyReborn Mon 17-Oct-16 16:14:19

Tbh I'd never go back to Andorra. Yy to Austria if I could afford it. Also I'd definitely go back to beautiful Romania. Skiing in Transylvania at Christmas was a lot of fun. smile

Stillwishihadabs Mon 17-Oct-16 16:19:42

We went to Austria twice when dcs were nearly 8 and 5, then again when they were nearly 9 and 6. Absolutely brilliant and not expensive! (Well compared to France).

ladydoer Fri 21-Oct-16 14:54:41

Go to ski in Austria every year with my boys 8 and 14, the ski runs are always in a great condition, even in spring when the snow begins to melt. They have so many resorts, we try a different one each year. Mayrhofen seems a favorite one.
I self-organize the trips, find some apartment with kitchenette and we cook ourselves most of the food.
Italy is also good, but good quality accommodation seems to be more pricey. The ski area of Madonna di Campiglio is something we really enjoyed a few years ago.
Bulgaria / Pamporovo is also nice for beginners and fairly cheap.

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