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Skiing in America - need suggestions for good family resorts please

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Earlybird Tue 30-Jan-07 18:46:41

We'll probably be spending the next year in America, so I am thinking ahead to planning dd's introduction to skiing.

I'd like a family oriented resort/village, with good ski school/instructors and nice facilities. Is there such a thing as all inclusive? Any positive/negative experiences with specific tour operators? Do chalet girls who cook/clean exist in the States, or is that a European concept?

I don't want/need the glamour/expense of the glitzy Aspen/Vail scene. I'd also like to go somewhere that isn't hours and hours from an airport. Presume I'd need to rent a car for the whole time as Americans are not known for their public transport or for the ability to walk to facilities! Is that correct?

Any suggestions would be welcome. Oh, and if you've had any disastrous experiences at places that should be avoided at all costs, I'd like to know about those too!

Earlybird Mon 05-Mar-07 18:53:02

Sorry to be so slow in responding, but I just got back to this thread , and wanted to thank everyone for sharing their experiences. There are many good suggestions to explore.

Soapbox - Beaver Creek sounds amazing! Thanks for the detailed 'report'!

Earlybird Sun 10-Feb-13 22:16:57

Reviving this 'zombie thread' as would love to hear more recent thoughts/suggestions (we never went skiing, but are thinking about it again!).

Many thanks.

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