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Best option 14 yr old who is past ski school - I don't ski

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letshaveacupoftea Tue 05-Jul-16 13:36:52

Hi all,
I have had injuries which mean I can't ski but over the years I have taken my 2 sons on a ski holiday nearly every year - usually we stay near a ski school and I take the boys there and back each day. My 14 year old is really good now so is not really interested in spending the day in ski school, he wants to go on fun skiing trips - does anyone have any suggestions for how he could do this in a group?

dontcallmethatyoucunt Wed 06-Jul-16 19:05:15

Check out UCPA www.action-outdoors I think from 15 they can go.

Also what about a freestyle course rather than just standard lessons? Off piste courses too.

I think club med is also good for groups of teenagers.

bamboobeanbags Thu 07-Jul-16 18:41:56

If you are going in the school holidays it is more than likely that the bigger ski schools will be running holiday schemes which are primarily aimed at local children but they usually accept tourists if they have passed a certain standard. Some will be mostly aimed at race training which your DS may or may not be interested in but others will offer a more mixed itinerary. It is worth checking that the instructor is able to speak English.

nicolasixx Fri 29-Jul-16 20:42:33

A lot of the ski schools offer this sort of thing now - see New Gen Slide Academy

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