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Grindelwald or Lenzeheide for Feb half term?

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crusoe16 Sat 28-May-16 06:48:02

We have a chalet in France that my brother and I inherited from our parents hence we've always skied there. It's rammed in the Feb half term though and we've decided to rent it out and try something different this year for that week.

I contacted Powder Byrne on the advice of friends (we have 4 DC under 10 and will need some childcare for the two youngest). They've come up with options in Grindelwald and Lenzeheide. Both similar price, similar transfer times and both with decent accommodation for large families. I can't decide which and know very little about either resort.

Can anyone help me decide?! Thank you.

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tpod Thu 15-Sep-16 07:55:04

Lenzerhide has fabulous off piste, very posh neighbours and one (great) pub, I love it but might be a bit quiet for a holiday. Grindelwald is a bit XC focused but you can get decent skiing with lift connections and has more to do but for Lenserhide everytime

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