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Has anyone been with snowfocus? Or a small catered chalet?

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Treetopchallenger Wed 13-Apr-16 17:58:24

We are looking to go away with snow focus in Chatel. They have a nanny service and ski school included in the price do great for us. Except we haven't been away for ages and would like to spend some time together as a couple. Will we be obliged to hang around with others all week it will we get some time together as a couple and as a family?

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 18-Apr-16 18:26:50

You are on your own holiday, but in a small chalet other people will be at meals, they're communal. You are likely to be at the same table too so it won't be a couples retreat. You may also find kids have 'high tea' if aged under 11 and will not be allowed (or welcome) to eat with the adults in the evening. You won't have to go out together to ski in the day with anyone other than your Familt, but if lessons are included your schedule will overlap. I would ask the provider.

sinclair Tue 19-Apr-16 22:42:26

Snowfocus veteran here. The set up is everyone eats together - breakfast between the hours of x and y, after ski tea is a drop in, kids supper when you are expected to supervise your kids and then adult dinner is served at x o'clock. So there is some chalet socialising but you are not obliged to do drinks before or hang on once supper is done - DH for example doesn't drink (unmasking myself to Sue and AT!) so is always straight up to bed once pudding is put away. Family time once nannies hand back charges until you have them asleep is up to you - we usually hung out with other families (usually exhausted in front of the telly) after kids' tea but we could just as easily been in our room - it is entirely up to you.

During the day the group will usually start out together - they will transport you to a lift - but you are very much free to do your own thing and be back at the van or the bar at 5 - whatever suits. When we have been we have usually skied in a large or two smaller groups and met up for lunch - but again no obligation there.

Sue and AT are focused on you having the best time possible - being small allows them to give you that personalised attention, and we have found it ideal with younger children. Good luck whatever you decide

superking Thu 21-Apr-16 10:15:42

We've been with snowfocus a couple of times (it's great by the way). It is certainly not a romantic couples' retreat, but there is plenty of opportunity to spend time alone as a couple. At one extreme you could choose to ski alone as a couple all day every day - there's no obligation to stay with the group although obviously if you go it alone you will miss out on the excellent ski guiding. At the other extreme you could be guided with the group all day every day. In practice we have ended up somewhere in the middle - usually spending mornings with the group and then often peeling off after lunch to ski (or apres ski!) alone. We have been to the Portes du Soleil many times so have some favourite runs that we like to do together.

As far as family time goes, again it is kind of up to you, with the caveat that breakfast and dinner in the chalet are communal (with dinner being adults only). A family that we skied with last year would ski with the adults in the morning whilst their children had lessons and would then ski together as a family in the afternoon. Our DS was too young for lessons and I am a SAHM who was craving some adult/ couple time, so we left him with the wonderful nannies most of the day.

My advice would be to be upfront with the hosts about what you want from your holiday, they are very flexible and certainly won't take offence!

Treetopchallenger Fri 22-Apr-16 18:10:39

Thanks for your help! I like the idea of skiing as a group in the morning and as a couple in the afternoon. Normally when we ski we are a grab and go sort of couple as we ski hard (used to apres ski hard too but no more with children!), so may want to skip lunches as a group. Will be be seen as really unsociable?

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