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Skiing with 3 children under 5 - mad or doable?!

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loopyloopster Tue 01-Mar-16 19:38:43

Thinking of Christmas 2016 - will have a 4.5yr old, 2yr old (but only 1 week off being 3) and a 1 yr old...would be going with 3 grandparents.
All the adults are competent skiers and thinking of a catered chalet, exclusive use. DH and I would ski mornings whilst grandparents look after kids, lunch altogether then we would have the kids in the afternoons whilst grandparents ski. Would you do it?! Or should we wait a few more years (have already waited 5 seasons....!)

I'm thinking the eldest would go into either half day ski school or the piou-piou snow play thing - do you think they might take the nearly 3 yr old in a snow play type thing or still too young?

And finally - any resort suggestions? I'm looking for French, high enough for reasonable snow, short airport transfer, some non-ski stuff...

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