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Best resorts for snow in early January

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isthisabigdeal Mon 22-Feb-16 20:53:00

Just back from a fantastic week with the kids and was half -way trough booking for next year only to discover they have bloody different half-terms so February is out.

The only times that will work for both kids are either week beginning New year or week of 1st April.

I've done a few early January weeks in the past where the slopes in resort have been green, and snow was pretty dire throughout the Alps at that time this year, so was wondering where I should be looking for the best chance of snow that are also relatively family friendly.

I was thinking maybe Val Thorens, Tignes, Ischgl, Val D'Isere but would love some suggestions. Also willing to consider Canada/US for good snow.

Really tempted to pull one of them out of school but just isn't really an option.

Thanks in advance

Jinsky Tue 23-Feb-16 19:00:54

As long as it is cold enough the slopes in Ischgl will have artificial snow. The lifts have large capacities, are big and quick and there are so many of them and so many slopes that there is no queuing.
We were there at the start of January this year.

clam Tue 23-Feb-16 19:08:13

There are various websites that will show you the historical snow depths of each month of each recent year. Sorry, but can't think of them off-hand but google.

Basically, if in doubt, go high!

clam Tue 23-Feb-16 19:13:36

Blowninonabreeze Tue 23-Feb-16 20:59:12

We went to obergurgl for Christmas this year. Whilst the rest of Europe had next to no snow, obergurgl was 97% open. Well maintained and next to no queuing.

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