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anyone skied ClubMed?

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WellWoman Wed 13-Jan-16 15:21:03

Any feedback? Do many Brits go? Does it feel very institutional? Was it fun? Any input would be welcome, just considering it. Thanks

no73 Sun 24-Jan-16 16:05:14

I have just come back from Club Med in Alp d'heuz and it was brilliant. It is a bit institutional I think but we still had lots of fun. The food was really good and the staff were absolutely lovely, very friendly and helpful. We were the only Brits there but most people spoke English and more Brits arrived yesterday so I think it depends on the week you go really.

DS 6 was the only English kid their and he loved it so much he wants to go back next year. From a childcare point of view I can't fault it as DS was in Mini Club or lessons most of the time grin

I suppose it depends on what kind of person you are, I was looking for something that would make my ski trip enjoyable and lazy for me as I am a single parent. Having everything in the hotel was great for me, my friends enjoyed it too despite not really taking to skiing!

To give you an idea of the day:
08:30 drop DS off at Mini Club stayed until 16:45
09:15 ski lessons start - I only attended 3 mornings and lazed about and read in afternoon as really unwell with a cold. Skied with friends/on my own for the following days.
11:30 - 12:00 back from lessons and there are snacks at the bar or disco with drinks outside hotel and lunch is on for 2 hours.
14:00 ski lessons resume.
16:00 back from lessons with pancakes in bar
19:00 cocktails and snacks and dinner starts for 2 hours. DS dropped off to mini club to have dinner with them and see entertainment until 21:00. I always offered him dinner with us but he loved the Mini Club.
20:15 kids entertainment n bar
21:00 ish Show by the Club Med staff which was actually quite entertaining a few rubs up the ladder from a Butlins show grin
22:00 Disco.

I'm a bit rubbish at writing especially reviews but hope that helps. We are most definitely going Club Med again.

sparechange Tue 26-Jan-16 15:48:04

We went to Les Arcs last year and can't add much more to no73's post, other than do not underestimate the amount of time you can spend eating and drinking!
The food is all excellent as well. We went back to standard chalet holiday this year and DH spent the whole week moaning about the food not being as good as Club Med...

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