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First time as a family - with 4.3yo and 20mths

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CheeseGrater Mon 28-Dec-15 07:58:14

DH and I are fairly experienced skiers except we've not been since having children. We're gagging to go again and this is the last year we're a) not tied to school hols and b) our youngest qualifies for under-2 discounts.

I prefer the idea of a chalet but have only done a chalet holiday as a group where we've had exclusive use so struggling to see how this would be with other families sharing the chalet - what if we don't get on?!? Or us that just the risk you take.

Also, I'll be working full time by then so the idea of a holiday whereby I don't really see the DC because they're in childcare all week makes me sad. I guess ideally we'd ski all morning then do something as a family in the afternoon (swimming, cinema, ice skating etc etc) - but DD2 may well still be napping after lunch at that point so not sure how that might work.

I've looked at Family Ski and Esprit but if anyone has any recommendations that would be great. We want a family friendly resort (ie with things to do other than skiing) with a short-ish transfer and decent snow in early March!

Notstayingup Mon 28-Dec-15 08:01:00

We have just come back from a week with snowbizz - they were absolutely brilliant with the kids, have a range of crèche options and lessons for the kids so DH and I boarded in the morning and then did things with the kids in the afternoon - only downside was like a lot of resorts not much snow - but they do have a good record for March

CheeseGrater Mon 28-Dec-15 14:33:47

Thanks I'll check them out!

Gattabianca Mon 28-Dec-15 18:34:07

We are also going with Snowbizz this year. It's our first time with them so can't really recommend them yet, but I looked at all the family chalet companies too and rejected because I wanted a holiday where our 3 year old could have ski school combined with crèche in the morning, family time in the afternoon and we can all eat together in the evening (I don't like the children's high tea that happens in all the chalets) and this was the only option that offered all that. It's very reasonable too.
We are competent skiers too, and looking at the piste map I think we'll have skied the whole area easily in a couple if mornings, but there's lots of off-piste....

throwingpebbles Mon 28-Dec-15 18:41:29

Could you get a chalet as a group? We did it where mums skied together in the morning whilst dads looked after the kids then we all swapped over in the afternoon. It was great and very sociable

trixymalixy Mon 28-Dec-15 23:13:50

We went with snowbizz last year and they were brilliant. The adults in our group are all good skiers and we were worried we would get bored, but were pleasantly surprised by the variety on offer in psv.

The thing about the childcare is that you can dip in and out when you like. There's a happy medium to be found between getting some quality skiing time in and leaving the kids in childcare for the whole holiday.

CheeseGrater Tue 29-Dec-15 11:35:06

We're not amazing skiers and I'm not fussed about off piste and suspect if we're only skiing for half a day a small ish area would suffice.

No chance of a group holiday, likely to be just the four of us I think.

Alwaysinahurrynow Tue 29-Dec-15 15:14:26

We're going with FamilySki and sharing a chalet with others we don't know. DH and I have done this since we got together and never had a bad chalet (keeping my fingers crossed for this year). This is our first year with a family-orientated company, but just read on another thread that they are good so pleased.

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