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Please can we have a "how much snow is there?" Thread?

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Iamblossom Mon 07-Dec-15 22:08:58

Getting a bit worried, we are going to Les Gets for new year, huge group of us in one chalet. What if there is no snow at all???

Does anyone have any decent intel on what is predicted/forecast for the next few weeks???

lovetoskimum Tue 08-Dec-15 14:17:52

Have a look on the web cams, I have just looked where we are going (not till March 16) seems to be a good covering at high altitude, bet you are excited !! Also try site called Snowhead, really good advise on there !

I cant wait for our holiday, sneaky hubby has booked a lads only week in Jan, thinking about 2017 already smile

PatriciaHolm Wed 09-Dec-15 10:18:26

They will snow cannon if they have to. We've skied at new year in the French Alps for 15 years and always been able to ski somewhere!

Iamblossom Fri 18-Dec-15 11:00:45

ok really stressing now! fsad

sandk Fri 18-Dec-15 17:24:56

We went to Les Gets last Christmas, when there was really no snow - green and brown on the slopes in the village, aside from the odd lump around the snow cannons. I think they cobbled together enough snow higher up to open half of one run on the Chavannes. I believe the tourist board are currently saying that 7 runs will be open next week, so that's a little better I guess, although not great.

Our experience was that we managed to get transfers (with a company called Ski Transfers) and ski in Avoriaz every day except the first. The lift pass company had been claiming they would only sell passes to people staying in Avoriaz, however we went up there in person the first day (to visit the swimming pool complex up there, which I'd very much recommend) and queued (for a very long time - but they were handing out hot chocolate and vin chaud) and got the passes, a couple of days worth at a time. The slopes were busy, and the snow not the most wonderful, but not so much so that we chose not to ski.

Back in Les Gets the tourist board had put on some extra activities in the daytimes. In the early evenings we saw the fireworks on the front, and Chinese lanterns go up another night. We took the kids on the Santa tour, though they were a bit old for it really, and went to the mechanical music museum which we'd never found the time to do before.

Although we had to reset our expectations quite a lot, we actually had a very pleasant holiday.

Iamblossom Sat 19-Dec-15 07:26:07

Thanks sandk for your reply. Good for you for making the best of things. I have a mutinous husband who was 't looking forward particularly to a week of in laws as it was -
With no snowboarding likely without a massive hassle he is now saying he won't come at all. Plus the added pressure of 6 Aussie family coming over to spend Christmas with us and then ski. It's just putting a (non snow cloud) over everything at the moment. Such a lot of money. Wish we had never booked so low in this first place, I was reluctant at the time and now it looks like our worst fears might be realised. Trying to think positive and doing a snow dance every five minutes!!!!

Hawai74 Sat 19-Dec-15 21:49:16

It's not too far to Avoriaz just get the bus to morzine cable car up to Avoriaz. It's much higher up there! There will at least be some artificial snow I guess!

anotherdayanothersquabble Mon 21-Dec-15 10:25:29

If you have booked with a company, they might be able to help you out. Last year some of the operators (Family ski did, not sure who else) got a deal with the lift companies and swapped Les Gets Morzine passes for Portes de Soleil passes. There is snow in Avoriaz.

toocheekyforwords Mon 21-Dec-15 16:41:17

I've got friends who are skiing in Ardent at the moment, and they can ski back to the village, conditions could improve but it's better than another family I know who can't ski at all! We are going in a couple of weeks and can't wait. Happy Xmas all x

pinkhousesarebest Tue 22-Dec-15 08:29:31

I think the Alps are running on snow cannons, apart from Tignes etc. We skied on Saturday and had intended to stay till Monday/ Tuesday (live here) but they closed all but 5/6 runs on Sunday (after a day) and so we just came home. The weather however was like Spring... if that helps..

MrsUltra Tue 22-Dec-15 10:03:46

Watching with interest.
We go to the Alps every year for NY - just book a hotel somewhere that is looking snowy in Early Dec, but are giving it a miss this year because of the lack of snow, and will go later in Jan or Feb.

Iamblossom Tue 22-Dec-15 10:07:22

not really pink!

Forecast suggesting snow on the 27th....please please!

MrsUltra Tue 22-Dec-15 10:17:54

Where is the 27th forecast?
You can alerts from this site - have found it useful in the past


If you look a the Les Gets Webcams not looking good, definitely have a Plan B and assume you will be skiing in Avoriaz sad

Iamblossom Tue 22-Dec-15 11:22:50

forecast for Les Gets 27th....

Radiatorvalves Tue 22-Dec-15 14:27:12

We are going on 27th. Fingers crossed for snow, but also fingers crossed that it doesn't close down the entire road network!

I'll be watching the forecast intently!

Iamblossom Tue 22-Dec-15 14:53:33

Radiator - if I had to choose I would choose a major hassly snowy journey over no snow. Maybe that's just me.

Am also watching the forecast intently

MrsUltra Tue 22-Dec-15 15:08:46

Not wanting to rain on your parade ('cos hoping it will snow on you!! grin) but it seems that only that company (that sells ski holidays) is forecasting snow for 27th...

Iamblossom Tue 22-Dec-15 15:18:57


Radiatorvalves Tue 22-Dec-15 15:51:39

Blossom - couldn't agree more. But id rather hole up in a hotel half way there than get stuck on the motorway.

There is currently a bit of snow in our resort. But it could be a lot better.

MrsUltra Wed 23-Dec-15 07:33:38

Where are you going ? <nosy>
I drive a lot to and around the Alps (sometimes 4 times in a season), and have always found this site to be the most accurate, even to the extent of re-planning a drive between resorts to arrive by 10am when the site said (on the hourly forecast bit) snow would start (and it did! - kids impressed! grin) - would really recommend paying close attention to it to avoid driving uphill in a snowstorm <stating the bleeding obvious>
When you are driving (DH does not ski, so am driving as only adult, sometimes alone, sometimes with kids) that kind of thing is vital - I really hate putting on chains! And even if you are prepared, many aren't and you are likely to get stuck anyway.
Last year's snowmageddon on 27th was already accurately forecast before now and so we changed our plans to arrive a few days later (normally go 26th). As it was a changeover day coaches/TOs etc couldn't avoid it even with the advance warning.
Am wondering if Blossom's ski operator's forecast of snow 27th is last year's, put up to get punters booking by mistake.
I am obsessively following the weather because intending to go to the 3V sometime in Jan (or Feb if no snow in Jan) and at the moment the earliest forecast of snow (minimal amount) is Jan 5th.
Also, last year on one of my trips, there were massive jams because of a boulder coming down onto the road leading up to Val T. This has a knock -effect on ALL the traffic going thru Albertville to all the other resorts. There were motorway signs warning of this even before Chambery, but STILL people carried on and were stuck all night on jams. Far better to heed the warning, stop in Chambery and carry on next day. Those people in jams still lost a night's accommodation, but spent it in a freezing car, or on the floor of a school gym in Albertville, for the sake of a 40 euro Premiere Classe room in Chambery sad

Radiatorvalves Wed 23-Dec-15 23:44:07

Hi Mrs Ultra... We are off to the southern French resorts.... Near Vars, Risoul, Puy St Vincent, Serre Che and many littler places.

Agree with all you've said.

Roll on the snow... 🏂🏂❄️❄️🎿🎿

MrsUltra Tue 29-Dec-15 12:33:13

Snow forecast from 31st and days following, heavy dump expected 7th.

Trickydecision Thu 31-Dec-15 10:14:36

Yes, MrsU, Snowforecast is predictng plenty of snow for next week. Now I am fretting over there being too much when we are actually there (from 9 Jan) to make skiing enjoyable. I don't suppose the chaps will be too worried but these days I am very wimpy about whiteouts.

Radiatorvalves Thu 31-Dec-15 11:24:04

This website is pretty accurate, if depressing...

We have been in Vars this week. It isn't great. The pisteurs have done an amazing job, but there has been no natural snowfall at all. I'm an obsessive skier, but don't really fancy making the effort to get out there - it is hard packed, busy and not my idea of fun. Hopefully the storm will arrive as predicted.

For those of you that know the long chair up to La Mayt...there is no snow at all under it (usually off piste).

CoteDAzur Thu 31-Dec-15 11:32:28

No snow around here at all, on Italian side (Limone) or French side (Valberg, Auron, Isola 2000) except a bit of machine-made stuff.

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